Friday, January 22, 2010

Any regrets?.... Garfield maybe

Just got back from late dinner with Tez's family and friends for her dad's birthday. He's a pretty rad dude. We ate at the Morrison Hotel.
There was a baby with us and it made me miss my nephew. Yes I've only met him once but still.

Tomorrow is Byron Bay bright and early. Surfing, boozing, and BBQing. Not to mention there is sposta be sky flowers on tuesday(american monday)
I fucking love it here. Wish it were easier to move to Aussie land.
If i were home I wouldn't be awake for another six hours, but here Its just past 10pm. Its kind of a mind fuck to think of it that way.

I watched a game of cricket on tv today, didn't understand what the Effin' H was going on.
Those things worth a thousand words will be forthcoming upon my return to the states unless i use my webcam to take glamour shots of myself.
Oh i ate astronaut ice cream yesterday, fyi don't let them sit out in the humid air or it becomes like the inside of a charelston chew.

Final summation: try not to smell like a fucking farm out there.

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