Sunday, January 17, 2010

If I Knew It Was This Kind of Party I'da Stuck My Dick in The Mash Potatas

And let the beat...............DRRRRROOOOOOOPP. Welcome, welcome one and all to this my first of most likely many misspelled, self-depricating, occasionally self-agrandizing entries into the word of bloggishness.
I don't know what will be posted here from time to time, could be anything from random drunken recollections, me spouting off on the highs and lows of pop culture, but probably mundane tangents about boring exploits of a late 20's jobless man-child wasting his days in the Mini-Apple and all that comes with it. Some names may be changed to save the innocent and others may be highlighted to expose the guilty. Have fun guessing who is who.

Pictures from last nights escapades. It was my friend/hairstylist Kate T's late birthday party slash my leaving the country party slash my best friend is in town for the weekend blowout.

A great drunken time was had by all at Sauce Soundbar. Lemme tell you, I highly recommend the drink known as "The Sure Shot"( all the specials are named after Beastie Boys songs)
I pounded a couple of those among others, we got a little rowdy. Pretty killer night if I do say so myself. Its was nice to get out of the old familiar divey scene of the CC Club as much as its home but being around all the posh-ish hipsters made for an extra interesting night.

Woke up without the requisite hangover that nights like that tend to bring and ate breakfast with Momma Bear, her boyfriend and the Leifster. I am not a morning eater but it was nice to sit and shoot the shit for a while.
Now its time for me to make sure I've got all my essentials packed up, for tomorrow I venture to a foreign land for two weeks. Not really looking forward to the skyway travel.
Not enough control= too much anxiety.
Gotta love Klonopin and Xanax for just such occasions.
This will be my first time out of the country if you don't count the city that made the "Donkey Show" famous. And I don't.
Going to California then off to Brisbane Australia. You just can't find a good 'Roo burger here in the states so why not spend hundreds of dollars to eat one in the land of kangaroos. MMMM fresh.
I'm excited to see a girl I'm crazy about. Her name is Tez. She is a short beautiful creature and she is gonna show me around that crazy country for those two weeks. She is saving me from cold January weather and I cannot wait til my balls descend back from up in the safety and warmness of my torso to their rightful place swinging in the warm air like they just don't care.
So more than likely I'll be updating all the shennanigans and what have you on my adventure from time to time. Be on the lookout.

Final words of advice for the day... eat more pizza!

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