Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Going Home on Thursday

So i'm gonna make the 4 hour drive down to Lodi i think on Thursday.
Because my mom needs some taking care of in light of the news that my brother fucked up again. This time pretty big.
I hope he is ok but i'm really pissed at him.
He is always gonna be pulling this shit it seems.
Ever since i can remember he was addicted to something, first it was just adrenaline, getting in trouble jumping off stuff but now its gone far and beyond that.
God what an asshole. I love the kid but what an selfish asshole.
This time he better get his head on straight.

On the upside i will get to see my nephew most likely. And Jules, Max and Dan. Plus I guess its Alumni weekend this weekend so I'll run into alot of people I use to go to school with.

Final summation: wish i were traveling on a happier note.

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