Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In Love and Lonely

Booze soaked rant ahead, so tread lightly

Finally went out to the T Rock for 241's. The first time in a few months. I got pretty schwasted. Still isn't the same without spending time with a girl I fancy.
Its nice to talk to random women but it just isn't the same as spending most of the night drinking and talking with someone I want to spend ALL of my night with.
Honestly without lying there are three girls that I wish i was wasting a night with. I won't name them because I can pretty much guess that they already know who they are and I dunna wanna make anyone feel bad.
Single life isn't fun. It can be, but thus far I'm over it.
I truly wanna be with someone for the long haul. One person I thought I might be with, is both too far away and pretty much not interested in putting effort into making it work.
Then i have atleast one person who I've got flirting with me and I am still waiting to find out our compatibility factor. May be quite high, might be that we are just ships passing in the night.
Still wanna try.
I'm such a sucker for romance even when I know that its most likely not in the cards.
Sometimes I feel like a teenage from mars.
A cliché' of what I want to be, and clichés' aren't attractive. At least not from what I've heard.
Please, can i just get my act together enough to have one woman stupid enough to waste her time on me for the long haul. I'm sure I can do my best not to disappoint.

Morning after
Ouch my head, isn't it funny how the truth pours out after you've poured enough liquor down your gullet?
Mellodramtic but true words all the same, its slightly sad i think. But thus the truth usually is. haha

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