Friday, February 12, 2010

Laundry Day Hooray!!!

I'm living in the den of an-sick-quities right now.
Both my roommate and myself have woeful respiratory colds and its annoying the shit outta me.
Hate is not a strong enough word for when my sinus are all pressurized and leaking at the same time.
Dayquil is the bane of my existence because it really doesn't work, not enough to function anyway, i just feel zoned out and stuffy instead of achey and stuffy. Both are just as bad as the other.
I just wanna curl up and watch movies and drift in and out of consciousness with someone to get my vitamin waters when i need them.
I despise getting sick, even the littlest bit for when I do, all i want is to be babied and taken care of and currently I am without said caretaker.
Really I don't even care that I'm sick over the valentine's day weekend because well lets be honest I'd be spending it at the bar far inebriated either cursing women or making a spectacular fool of myself trying to hit one one of the accursed women.
This way I save money, can watch horror movies that don't involve love and drift in and out of a cold medicine induced coma for the next few days.

Atleast I'm getting my laundry done.

On a positive note, I've had the pleasure of listening to the new Alkaline Trio album " This Addiction" and I have to give it high praise. I've been down on them...well... since anything after " From Here To Infirmary" for a number of reasons, lyrical content being subpar and not as biting as previous works, Matt's vocals being strained which lead to the balance of Matt vs. Dan songs being way off as well as they sounded more "arena rock" for lack of a better insult.
"This Addiction" turns back the clock to right around the end of the millennium when Trio was still full of potential to be a macabre NoFx, in the sense that they stayed just underground enough not to be on a major label and go overboard with the extra budget( which is what happened) and still had a huge loyal fanbase.
I think they got it right on this album, just enough punk roots and reigning in the mainstream rock sound that every other producer they worked with let them explore. They were back with Matt Allison on this one and the magic they have as a band and producer team shines on this.
Skiba is at his dark and snarky best and Dan keeps his odes to love equally as macabre. Some pretty rad drumming on this especially a couple songs in.
I won't go so far as saying this is a full blown return to the ALK 3 I have loved and grew up on but its a better than solid nod to yesteryear and hopefully a step in the right direction.
Good on ya guys.


  1. as far as your sinuses go.
    GET SOME MUCINEX. its spendier. but soooo worth it. you'll be cleared and feelin fine sooooooo much quicker.