Monday, February 22, 2010

Timewarp Thru Music

Here are some random songs that remind me of milestones in my life or just random times in my life that will forever be associated with those songs.

"When One Eight Becomes Two Zero's."
Glassjaw from Everything You Every Wanted To KNow About Silence
This song reminds me of riding shotgun with my buddy Adam on the way to school senior year on a super foggy morning. So foggy that we could barely see the bus we were tailing but yet the sun was shining down and through the fog making it kind creepy.
I gave this Album to Adam for his 19th birthday and we were listening to it for the first time having never even heard of the band before but we both fell in love with it immediately. The misogynic lyrics found root in our respective newly broken hearts. Daryl's screams felt like our pain. It made it ok to feel so bitter.

Son Volt from Trace
I heard this song after my dad died and there hasn't been a time hearing it that I don't think of this kind of chase camera from a 3/4's angle of him on a two lane road in the middle of nowhere riding his motorcycle. The wind whipping his hair and beard making his face red everywhere except the skin hidden by his sunglasses. As the song goes on I imagine the camera panning in more and more until you see this grin of freedom on his face.

Alkaline Trio from Goddammit!
I was introduced to this by way of a mutual friend Eric while sitting his dorm room listening to his band When Push Comes To Shove's newly finished pop punk record and loving it. He was going on and on about his bass influences and he tosses on Goddammit! and boom, it hit me like an acme anvil right between the eyes. Now when ever I listen to it I remember the drunken walks on state street, chugging booze in the dorms the wandering on the bike path along the lake.

"Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam"
Nirvana from Unplugged
Another heartbreak story. I listened to this song on repeat after I was unceremoniously dumped by my first highschool girl friend. I laid in bed in the dark (as my room at the time had no windows since it was in the basement) all day, playing over and over. Not leaving my room for days. Very over dramatic.
One of the few Brian Wilson moments in my life.

Wu-Tang Clan from Forever( disc 2)
This song brings me back to working in the Snowboard shop at Devil's Head, being barely awake at 8:30am and blasting this song as we got ready to open up for all the asshole tourists who treated us like shit. My hands would freeze everytime a board came back in and then we'd have slushy snowball fights with the excess snow stuck to the boards. Fun times.

"Days Like This"
Van Morrison from Days Like This
Sunday mornings with the sun shining into the big picture window in my parents living room, mom cooking bacon and making coffee and dad reading the sunday paper while we just lounged around waiting for the bacon to get extra crispy, mom would play ALOT of Van Morrison but this song and album for some reason sticks to me and reminds me of being a little kid.

"God Of Thunder"
Kiss ( live)
My first concert that I paid for myself. I went with my best friend Leif after months on not talking to eachother from a fight we had at the beginning of freshman year. To make up he offered we go see Kiss. Good choice. We got dropped off( yes we were those kids) at the Dane Co. Coliseum and we had shitty seats but you could still see Gene Simmons rock the blood and fire theatrics from our nosebleed seats. Simply amazing.

AC/DC from AC/DC Live
Leif, my brother and I had just eaten an eighth of mushrooms and we were on our way to a party when we rolled down main st. in Lodi in Leif's Robin's Egg blue Chevy Nova. The engine was rumbling as we came towards the middle of town and the shrooms start kicking in. The live version of this song has this extra long into and as its beginning we see all this smoke and orangey light coming down one of the side streets. Apparently there was a building on fire but as those first riffs kicked in it sent chills down my spine and made for one of the best night of hallucinogenic fun I had during my high school days.

"High As The Moon"
Get Up Kids from On A Wire
Playing this song brings me back to a snowy desolate night driving home after work at Devil's Head on highway 60 between Sauk City and Lodi. The ground had a good few feet of snow covering the corn fields and the moon was full and just massive (a wolf moon i believe) so I could practically drive the rest of the way home without my headlights on. Makes me happy just thinking about that sight.

"Chemical Warfare"
Dead Kennedys from Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
This holds a special place in my heart. I spent every summer from 14 til I was 19 working on the golf course at Devil's Head( i spent alot of time there) Having to be up at 6:30am after a night of partying to clean golf clubs, park gold carts and sell beer to Flatlanders up for a weekend of boozing and schmoozing you need to be in the right frame of mind. This was my song to pump me up for the day as I took the Merrimac Ferry that was at that time of the morning caked in run over Mayflies. Having that 7 minutes of rest while crossing the Lake Wisconsin really put me in the perfect frame of mind.
True Story: if you are cleaning the golf clubs of an old man and he tells you to "take 'er easy" you need to respond " I'll take her anyway i can get her and if she's easy I'll take 'er twice" 5 dollar tip automatic. Works like a charm.

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