Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today is a Good Day To Die

These are the words my dad said to me in Madison airport as he and I were awaiting to a flight to Las Vegas for a ski/snowboard convention show and I was in full panic attack mode.
You know what, it actually helped.
Anytime I fly or get overly scared I hear his voice echo in my head the phrase " today is a good day to die" and it gives me alot of comfort.
According to him it was a phrase that a certain Native American tribe would utter before heading into battle. I'm sure its paraphrased and what have you but its the most comforting words before a flight to hear besides " here is your double whiskey coke no ice sir"
In a few hours my Australian adventure comes to a close and I'll be cruising over the Pacific Rim at a couple hundred miles an hour.
I've seen a bunch of really cool stuff, lazily explored the city, camped on the beach, hung out and relaxed in the hella heat and humidity.
Just generally escaped winter.
22 hours from take off in Brisbane to touchdown in MPLS, weather permitting. Take a little nap then out for welcome home drinks at the CC Club.

There will be pictures galore when i get home on both here and my facebook( oh that fucking facebook!!!)
You might get an update when I get into LAX.

Final Summation: Cuz Momma, Momma I'm cominnnnnn' hoooooooooooooommmmmeeeeee...

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