Monday, February 15, 2010

True Story:
Dreamt that they were preforming marriages at my old school for high school students during school hours. Like mass weddings as a class sort of but for real. In the dream I think i was suppose to be still in high school.
I went around yelling at the administration and students things like
" do you really want to have one dick to suck or one pussy to eat for the rest of your life this early!?"
"How many 30 somethings get married then end up cheating and you are how old?"
or I asked the administration if they get a cut of the divorce fees?
Then somehow I was on the Letterman Show ranting about this like Harvey Pekar use to do on the Late Show when he was a guest.
I was throwing a shitfit about it was mixing church and state, how it singled out the gay students to be taunted and how marriage was wrong and being young you should get as much strange as you can while you can... blah blah blah.....
Then I was back at the school watching the weddings take place still super pissed off and then bam!
I realized I wasn't in high school anymore and I just shrugged my shoulders and walked through the parking lot to my car and left.
Then I woke up.

Isn't great how my dreams are just as jaded as the rest of me?

Final summation: Dude, I thought we said no more Journey pschye-outs.

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