Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Never Travel Far... Without a little Big Star....


I got an old flame who just got back in contact with me. Gist of it is she may want to try to get back together with me. She wants me to fly down and see her. I'm so nervous on what to do because I'm such a hopeless romantic that it would be so easy for me to fall right back in with her.
She was very sincere in apologizing and admitted to things I already knew but she didn't know that I had this info already. But hearing her finally admit to it seems like a huge step in the right direction. Maybe????
But then there is one girl who I have gone on a few dates with and got along with, is cute and fun.

Then another girl who is friends of a friend in Wisconsin and is kind of digging me. That I'm suppose to meet up with in a few weeks.

And a neighbor sending me naughty photos on my phone just to flirt.

Why is this a problem you ask? And I asked myself that as well.
This is how it goes for me, either i have a couple girls interested in me or none at all and i'm left with my dick in my hand.
Is it fair to continue to see these girls while knowing that if visit former flame i'll most likely be back into her again? Should I even visit? What if former flame and I don't work out and I toss aside these girls who have some real potential. Am I overthinking things right now?

I guess I'm getting at that I'm clusterfuck confused. This year is gonna be my year of change and I never knew what that meant yet and still kinda don't, I wanna move but what if I find a girl here that is awesome.
I have no answers at 1:27am and I doubt any will come to me in my sleep. Why can't girls be simple and come to me one at a time instead of a flood of them at once and then i fall into a drought.
I'm too easily led astray, I have female ADD maybe. I dunno.
Hoping one of my best friends can give me some insightful advice on how to proceed.

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