Thursday, March 11, 2010

Soon, we'll have you disco dancing like the stars

On Tuesday I signed up for a gym membership at the YWCA. I went with Katie later in the evening. We worked out for about an hour or so.
Guess what...
I fucking over did it. Now my arms hurt to stretch out. Its painful.
I wanted to go back tonight but with the amount of pain i'm in I might have to wait atleast until tomorrow.
I does feel good when getting back from the gym though. I'm finally doing something good for my body. About damn time.

Still checking out the dating websites, had a few interesting hits. Maybe one of them will end up being someone worth taking out on a date. who knows. Its not as pathetic as i first though.

New Daughters album is fucking amazing.
Might go see Young WIdows at Turf club tomorrow night, dunno yet.

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