Tuesday, March 9, 2010

There is no such thing as Candy Mountain...

So I've taken the step of the unoriginal and possibly desperate... I've added a profile to a dating website. A free one none the less.
Who knows if its gonna get me anything since I've always though that its usually populated by those who no one would touch otherwise.
But at a friends suggestion I decided to give it a shot.
Since I hang around the same 4 bars or at home, i tend to see the same people and after you have been through enough random heroes, you realize that the bar scene is no place for anything long term.
I doubt I will be one of those that get paraded around on an E-Harmony type commerical for a website and thats fine, I'm looking at it as "at least I'm expanding my field of vision"
Updates will come if anything positive unfolds, otherwise same ol' same ol'.

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