Sunday, March 7, 2010

When in Rome We'll do as the Romans, When in Hell We Do Shots at the Bar

Welcome to my Sunday afternoon whine-fest.
So whats new?
Absolutely nothing. I've been laying in bed til 3pm or so most days for lack of anything better to do.
Alot of it is that my bed is just too comfortable. I should throw some broken glass under the covers or something to condition myself to stay out as much as possible. Haha.
My truck is idling really high lately which means I'm sure there is something expensive that needs to be fixed. Surprise surprise. After dropping 900 bucks a few months ago on new brake system now I'll have to drop a bunch on something else. I barely even drive the fucking thing anyway. Only to go to the store or trips down to my mom. But I guess thats the joy of vehicle ownership.

I don't know what it is about Sundays but I am always in a foul mood, maybe because liquor stores are closed, or all the idiots are off of work and running around, maybe because there isn't shit on television, I think it has something to do with the way the sun shines on Sundays, its completely different from any other day of the week. If i were trapped for months without a way of keeping up with the days of the week and was let out on a sunday, I'd know right away simply from the way the sun shines. Its a fucking weird notion but seems to be true. Kind of like I can tell when a tv is on in another room without hearing it. I hear the electricity buzzing almost inaudibly but i know its going. Odd.

No decision on what my plans are yet for living arrangements once my lease is up. I don't know where I want to ramble on to next. Do i want to go back to Wisconsin and live in Madison?
That would almost feel like defeat, coming home, but I'd get to hang with some friends regularly.
Then there is San Diego. Sounds really great, but its kind of expensive to move to but lots of sun and warm weather. Bike riding and surfing
Or what about Austin Tx? I've kind of wanted to move there for the movie industry that is growing there, plus South by Southwest music fest and Austin City Limits fest, but then again its surrounded by the rest of Texas.
Perhaps I just stay in Minneapolis, I love my friends and alot of the joints in the area but I feel bored here, like I've seen everything there is to see and the dating scene is pretty dry unless i want some party girl who goes to the clubs downtown.
Either way, its like the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, no matter where I land I'll want to be somewhere else.
Unless along the way I get stuck on a girl. That always seems to be my deciding factor.
Because I'm one of those hopeless romantics that comes off overly desperate. haha, sad but true.
All i know is i need to explore my options while i have the cash to afford such luxury.

I just realized that i could whine about alot of things, jobless, lonely, bored, etc... but I know i have it better off than a shit ton of people I know.
Oh the trials and tribulations of the over-privilaged. HAHA.
If i could just find that shut off button for my brain sometime I wouldn't be overthinking things and then wouldn't have any reason to complain.

I'll treat you with two of my favorite music videos for sitting through all the pissing and moaning

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