Monday, April 26, 2010

The Countdown Continues

Throwing together a truckload of stuff to take down to Wisco on Wednesday. Mostly because I really want to see my lady faire and its a good excuse to drive three 1/2 hours and stay for a few days.
Miss sleeping next to her so this should be perfect. Miss the hell outta her. This girl is so damn sweet.
My one of my favorite Hank Williams Sr. song

Plus kill two birds with one stone by taking the more tedious and heavy items that will fit in the back of my truck with me.

I'm shooting for Thursday May 20th to pack up all my crap into a uhaul and be out of the apartment. I already have to be down on the 22 for my cousin's wedding and the middle of may to the middle of june my Uncle who is battling cancer is going to be staying in the area so it will be nice to spend time with him and the rest of my family without a move in July looming overhead. Less three plus hour drives the better. I'll still have to come up to Minneapolis to see friends/shows and clean my portion of the apartment unless my roommate finds someone to take up my room sooner rather than at the end of the lease.
I just want this done and over with so i can relax and not worry about having to do this or that in whatever amount of time. I'm a bird of leisure and deadlines do not do me well.

Fits with the next paragraph well

Found out my Brother is coming back to the area soon. And for some god-forsaken reason my mom is planning on letting him move back into her place too. Great, I go from a peaceful sojourn living at my moms for a bit that is now going to turn into a tension filled tumultuous few months living coexisting with a junkie who from what experience has taught me, will have no qualms about raiding my personal items for his own habits. Not really understanding why after everything this boy has put my mom and when my dad was still around, him too, through would she consider letting him come near her place for more than an hours visit or two. Maybe you gotta be a parent to keep giving chances to those you know are only going to disappoint you.
Don't get me wrong, I would love to champion my brother's success over addiction and see him successful and happy with his wife and child, self sufficient and flush but I don't see that happening for at least a few years, at the very least.
I've spent enough time along with my mom worrying about him and trying to help him to waste anymore time worrying about his well-being, its in his hands now and I'm fully in my right mind to be worried about my possessions being in his vicinity.
I have no desire to live with a junkie, hopefully this Wisco time will be short lived and I'll be able to move on to the next place quickly with my lady faire.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

If you say Daughtry is rock n roll i will kick fuck you.

What is Rock n Roll.
Is it consist of music made primarily of guitar, bass, drums and vocals? Generally played at 160 bpm( beats per minute)? Or have we come to the point that all contemporary music is considered "Rock n Roll" as many media outlets such as MTV, Rolling Stone and the movie "Pirate Radio" suggest?
It pisses me off that the term Rock N Roll and Rock Star are thrown around so loosely.
Yes there are many many genres of Rock, be it doom metal, stoner rock, butt rock, rap-rock, hard rock, heavy metal etc...
The list can go on and on.
BUT my problem is when pop and rap acts are lumped in with Rock n Roll acts. Big difference. You would never say that Mastodon is hip hop or rap but i have on numerous occasions heard Jay-Z referred to as a Rock Star. Not so my friends.
Was classical music rock n roll? Was Tin Pan Alley rock n roll? Is country music rock n roll? Everyone would generally say no.
WHy not?
Those were at one time Contemporary music right so then if the logic that is being used to consider the Black Eyed Peas rock n roll is consistent then Mozart would be rock n roll.
I know its all labels and kind of arbitrary but the term "Rock n Roll" mean something to me and i suspect a lot of other people. Usually loud, abrasive, guitar driven music.
Rap and Hip hop also have their own sub-genres much like Rock N Roll does, this shouldn't mean that the terms are interchangeable.
Enya is on the adult contemporary charts, so she is a "contemporary artist" right? Completely opposite of rock n roll.
I just have to say fuck you Rolling Stone for lowering your standards as to what Rock n Roll really is just because you mostly cover pop and hip hop that has become dominate on the music charts that you feel you need to lump it all together to keep your "edge" like you've ever had an "edge" anyway besides publishing Hunter S Thompson's writings an a special FUCK YOU to your 40 things about Rock issue when maybe 4 actually cover rock n roll acts, T.I. being out of jail has nothing to do with rock n roll.... Fuck you MTV for not drawing a line in the sand but you were too busy in "The Hills" to give a fuck i suppose.
And the end montage of 'Pirate Radio" fuck you for including Kanye West and Lauyrn Hill as rock music. It isn't, its pop at worst and Hip Hop at best.
Having an attitude doesn't make you rock n roll. Nor does just guitar, bass and drums i mean look at Train, pop act for sho. As much as i hate to admit it Nickleback is more rock n roll than alot of what has been lumped in to genre, even though they are far down on the totem poll in the BUTT ROCK category.

Some of you might not care and just dismiss it all as music but then again you probably like the Beatles and Cat Stevens and the fucking Eagles so.... \/ jog on you fucking twats.
If you had any respect for music you would get my point.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh Lord, Gonna Be Stuck In Lodi Again....

I am absolutely ready to get this show on the road and move my ass back to Wisco til I have enough cash saved for the land that will sink into the ocean.
Need to find work down there though for money to flow in, should be able to come up with something i'd suspect.
If things work out the way I want them to I'll move back at the end of May or in close proximity to that timeframe.
Hoping my roommate finds herself someone to take my room for the summer so I don't have to pay the rest of the leases' rent. But most likely I will.
I'm not a patient person and especially when it comes to moving, i just want to get shit over with, I even bought a trailer hitch for my truck for when i rent a trailer to move my shit down southways.

On an even higher note, my sweetpea Suzy is coming to visit this weekend, sucks it looks like rain most of those days but I don't care. I get to spend another three rad days with the lady and it works for me. I was never one who believed in "chemistry" as a pre-curser to attraction but I think we mix pretty well thus far. Hope I'm not the one to fuck this up like usual. plus she lets me be little spoon, i love that sooooo much

Movie news: Everyone MUST watch "Bronson". Best fucking movie I have seen in years as far as badassery goes. Trust me. Wish I had that much of a killer accent.
"Kick Ass" was decent, Nic Cage played his part to perfection but still was lacking even though had tons of great comic book references.
"Hot Tub Time Machine" terrible name, hilarious movie... The Hangover was boring compared to this comedy and I love Zach Galafinakis. Cryogenically frozen John Cusack was top notch as per usual.
Looking forward to remake of " Nightmare on Elm St." even though it might be lame, will still be better than any pg-13 bullshit movie put out recently.
"Expendables"- gonna be the feel good hit of the summer... mark my words, its like an action orgasm or "actiongasm"
"Iron Man 2"=Robert Downey Jr. has been killing it since "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" plus add Mickey Rourke to the cast and you got a fuck up reunion of awesome preportions. Comeback city!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There's No Way of Knowing, Which Direction We are Going, Is it raining, Is it snowing....

I had a rad weekend. I got to see my nephew and play around with him.

I met an amazing, gorgeous fun girl. And she smells like peeps.
I'm super excited. Hoping to see her more often. She may actually be coming up next weekend so so crazy happy.

Got to hang with my buddy Adam and his awesome girlfriend Danielle. She had her birthday party Saturday night at Tex Tub's Taco Palace. One lovely part of going home is the drinks are so damn cheap. Had like three pints almost totally full of vanilla vodka with a splash of cola for 5 bucks. Now that is a hella drink.

Gonna head down to Wisco again for my cousin's wedding and to take some boxes of books and unneeded crap hanging around the apartment.

Friday, April 9, 2010


So I'm looking at the weekend of July 16th to move my shit down to Wisco. I'll try and bribe my friends to help me move my crap downstairs with packs of beer. And maybe some people will come down and stay at my mom's cabin and have one last get trashed blast and light off fireworks.
Not totally looking forward to being back home but if it saves me money before I haul ass across the country then its worth it.
I'm want to look for a part time job somewhere in the area when i move. Make a little cash, maybe I'll find a job as a bar-back or maybe something in Madison.
I'm gonna try and book some shows down in Madison if I can manage it while I'm back in Wisco. The scene seems to be severely lacking of good punk/hardcore/thrash bands coming to town.
I'm hoping to get maybe In Defence or D4 or Ambassador Gun to come down and play the Frequency or the High Noon Saloon. It would be pretty rad to get some of these band some exposure down here.

Tonight I'm headed out to Sun Prairie then tomorrow night its Danielle's birthday party in Madison. So should be a pretty killer time, i hope atleast haha.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Really bored on Zombie Jesus Eve

I was just sitting watching tv with my roommate and a commerical came on for the "Death at a Funeral" remake and we were asking if every black actor in Hollywood is in that movie and I said ' Yes, they even got Bernie Mac as the dead body" and we started laughing, then she stopped laughing and said " oh right because he's dead" The joke works on so many levels.
The we both started laughing so much harder that now my stomach hurts.

Ask me anything

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No April Fools Joke because I Hate Them....

So this summer will be my last in Minneapolis. Not sure the exact plan yet.
Two possibilities:
1. Move sometime around the end of July and live at my moms( not a great idea) and save money and find an odd job for a few months til the end of December when a friend is done with school so they can move with me. This option gives me extra time to get some cash together and more time to find living arrangements, downside: living at mom's being 28, moving in the winter.

2. Move in August to San Diego with my friend Taylor but that means i got to get my ass in gear and go there soon to find a place to live. Upside: don't have to deal with the super cold weather.

I don't know what I'm gonna do. I think that the former option might be the best, save some cash up bc i've spent far too much money on rent without a job. Tax returns have gotten eaten up by car repairs. I'm kinda screwed.

I did some spring cleaning today which felt nice. There is soooo much more that needs to be downsized or packed up. Hopefully if i slowly pack up it won't seem so daunting of a task.
I'm hoping I'll be able to bribe friends with beer to help me move the crap into a uhaul so i don't have to waste more money and hire someone.
Maybe I'll be able to get them to come down when I move to wisconsin and stay at my moms cabin for a weekend and get trashed together one last time as a group.
Who knows.
I don't know what my plan is for anything right now. I just need to make a gigantic change, though moving back home is so not a change for the better...