Saturday, April 24, 2010

If you say Daughtry is rock n roll i will kick fuck you.

What is Rock n Roll.
Is it consist of music made primarily of guitar, bass, drums and vocals? Generally played at 160 bpm( beats per minute)? Or have we come to the point that all contemporary music is considered "Rock n Roll" as many media outlets such as MTV, Rolling Stone and the movie "Pirate Radio" suggest?
It pisses me off that the term Rock N Roll and Rock Star are thrown around so loosely.
Yes there are many many genres of Rock, be it doom metal, stoner rock, butt rock, rap-rock, hard rock, heavy metal etc...
The list can go on and on.
BUT my problem is when pop and rap acts are lumped in with Rock n Roll acts. Big difference. You would never say that Mastodon is hip hop or rap but i have on numerous occasions heard Jay-Z referred to as a Rock Star. Not so my friends.
Was classical music rock n roll? Was Tin Pan Alley rock n roll? Is country music rock n roll? Everyone would generally say no.
WHy not?
Those were at one time Contemporary music right so then if the logic that is being used to consider the Black Eyed Peas rock n roll is consistent then Mozart would be rock n roll.
I know its all labels and kind of arbitrary but the term "Rock n Roll" mean something to me and i suspect a lot of other people. Usually loud, abrasive, guitar driven music.
Rap and Hip hop also have their own sub-genres much like Rock N Roll does, this shouldn't mean that the terms are interchangeable.
Enya is on the adult contemporary charts, so she is a "contemporary artist" right? Completely opposite of rock n roll.
I just have to say fuck you Rolling Stone for lowering your standards as to what Rock n Roll really is just because you mostly cover pop and hip hop that has become dominate on the music charts that you feel you need to lump it all together to keep your "edge" like you've ever had an "edge" anyway besides publishing Hunter S Thompson's writings an a special FUCK YOU to your 40 things about Rock issue when maybe 4 actually cover rock n roll acts, T.I. being out of jail has nothing to do with rock n roll.... Fuck you MTV for not drawing a line in the sand but you were too busy in "The Hills" to give a fuck i suppose.
And the end montage of 'Pirate Radio" fuck you for including Kanye West and Lauyrn Hill as rock music. It isn't, its pop at worst and Hip Hop at best.
Having an attitude doesn't make you rock n roll. Nor does just guitar, bass and drums i mean look at Train, pop act for sho. As much as i hate to admit it Nickleback is more rock n roll than alot of what has been lumped in to genre, even though they are far down on the totem poll in the BUTT ROCK category.

Some of you might not care and just dismiss it all as music but then again you probably like the Beatles and Cat Stevens and the fucking Eagles so.... \/ jog on you fucking twats.
If you had any respect for music you would get my point.

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