Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh Lord, Gonna Be Stuck In Lodi Again....

I am absolutely ready to get this show on the road and move my ass back to Wisco til I have enough cash saved for the land that will sink into the ocean.
Need to find work down there though for money to flow in, should be able to come up with something i'd suspect.
If things work out the way I want them to I'll move back at the end of May or in close proximity to that timeframe.
Hoping my roommate finds herself someone to take my room for the summer so I don't have to pay the rest of the leases' rent. But most likely I will.
I'm not a patient person and especially when it comes to moving, i just want to get shit over with, I even bought a trailer hitch for my truck for when i rent a trailer to move my shit down southways.

On an even higher note, my sweetpea Suzy is coming to visit this weekend, sucks it looks like rain most of those days but I don't care. I get to spend another three rad days with the lady and it works for me. I was never one who believed in "chemistry" as a pre-curser to attraction but I think we mix pretty well thus far. Hope I'm not the one to fuck this up like usual. plus she lets me be little spoon, i love that sooooo much

Movie news: Everyone MUST watch "Bronson". Best fucking movie I have seen in years as far as badassery goes. Trust me. Wish I had that much of a killer accent.
"Kick Ass" was decent, Nic Cage played his part to perfection but still was lacking even though had tons of great comic book references.
"Hot Tub Time Machine" terrible name, hilarious movie... The Hangover was boring compared to this comedy and I love Zach Galafinakis. Cryogenically frozen John Cusack was top notch as per usual.
Looking forward to remake of " Nightmare on Elm St." even though it might be lame, will still be better than any pg-13 bullshit movie put out recently.
"Expendables"- gonna be the feel good hit of the summer... mark my words, its like an action orgasm or "actiongasm"
"Iron Man 2"=Robert Downey Jr. has been killing it since "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" plus add Mickey Rourke to the cast and you got a fuck up reunion of awesome preportions. Comeback city!

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  1. I'm sorry for being a disappointment for this weekend :( I feel terrible but I promise to make it up to you like crazy!!!