Friday, April 9, 2010


So I'm looking at the weekend of July 16th to move my shit down to Wisco. I'll try and bribe my friends to help me move my crap downstairs with packs of beer. And maybe some people will come down and stay at my mom's cabin and have one last get trashed blast and light off fireworks.
Not totally looking forward to being back home but if it saves me money before I haul ass across the country then its worth it.
I'm want to look for a part time job somewhere in the area when i move. Make a little cash, maybe I'll find a job as a bar-back or maybe something in Madison.
I'm gonna try and book some shows down in Madison if I can manage it while I'm back in Wisco. The scene seems to be severely lacking of good punk/hardcore/thrash bands coming to town.
I'm hoping to get maybe In Defence or D4 or Ambassador Gun to come down and play the Frequency or the High Noon Saloon. It would be pretty rad to get some of these band some exposure down here.

Tonight I'm headed out to Sun Prairie then tomorrow night its Danielle's birthday party in Madison. So should be a pretty killer time, i hope atleast haha.

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