Monday, April 26, 2010

The Countdown Continues

Throwing together a truckload of stuff to take down to Wisco on Wednesday. Mostly because I really want to see my lady faire and its a good excuse to drive three 1/2 hours and stay for a few days.
Miss sleeping next to her so this should be perfect. Miss the hell outta her. This girl is so damn sweet.
My one of my favorite Hank Williams Sr. song

Plus kill two birds with one stone by taking the more tedious and heavy items that will fit in the back of my truck with me.

I'm shooting for Thursday May 20th to pack up all my crap into a uhaul and be out of the apartment. I already have to be down on the 22 for my cousin's wedding and the middle of may to the middle of june my Uncle who is battling cancer is going to be staying in the area so it will be nice to spend time with him and the rest of my family without a move in July looming overhead. Less three plus hour drives the better. I'll still have to come up to Minneapolis to see friends/shows and clean my portion of the apartment unless my roommate finds someone to take up my room sooner rather than at the end of the lease.
I just want this done and over with so i can relax and not worry about having to do this or that in whatever amount of time. I'm a bird of leisure and deadlines do not do me well.

Fits with the next paragraph well

Found out my Brother is coming back to the area soon. And for some god-forsaken reason my mom is planning on letting him move back into her place too. Great, I go from a peaceful sojourn living at my moms for a bit that is now going to turn into a tension filled tumultuous few months living coexisting with a junkie who from what experience has taught me, will have no qualms about raiding my personal items for his own habits. Not really understanding why after everything this boy has put my mom and when my dad was still around, him too, through would she consider letting him come near her place for more than an hours visit or two. Maybe you gotta be a parent to keep giving chances to those you know are only going to disappoint you.
Don't get me wrong, I would love to champion my brother's success over addiction and see him successful and happy with his wife and child, self sufficient and flush but I don't see that happening for at least a few years, at the very least.
I've spent enough time along with my mom worrying about him and trying to help him to waste anymore time worrying about his well-being, its in his hands now and I'm fully in my right mind to be worried about my possessions being in his vicinity.
I have no desire to live with a junkie, hopefully this Wisco time will be short lived and I'll be able to move on to the next place quickly with my lady faire.

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