Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In Bloom

Quick recap of the last week:
Good Things:
1. spent alot of quality time with my sweetpea.
2. Got wasted at the NoFx show with my good friend, his lady and his co-worker.
3. Got to see my mom and nephew
4. Moved more things down to Wisco
5. Purchased some more plugs for my ears at decent prices
6. finally got some yardwork/ gutters cleaned up for my mom

Bad things:
1. mouth-raped by some girl at the NoFx show
2. Not being able to stay longer
3. Pissing out my ass in some random bathroom on state street. Awkward!

I had so much fun this past week in Wisconsin, did alot of running around, a trip to milwaukee and alot of cuddling and such with my Sweetpea <3.
As much as I love my friends up here in Minneapolis, i can't wait to get down to Wisco to be able to spend more time with my lady friend and help my mom out and hopefully find a job that doesn't want to make me hang myself with frustration.

I'm not going to gush too much but I'll say that I think i might have found someone that I am going to be with for a long time. Don't wanna jinx it but seems quite possible.
She met my mom and Mom seemed to like her.

Less than two weeks now and I'll be moving the last of my crap out of Minne-snow-ta.

Totally looking forward to May 18th which is the Mastadon/Baroness show in Mad-town.
The next two weeks are gonna be jam packed though.

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  1. Awwww... I am sorry that my blog is always gushing.. haha. I had a super time too mister! Your bad things don't sound pleasant at all!!!! But it's ok... this time ;) <3 ya!