Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I found that girl with the golden hair....

I've been slacking hardcore on this blog. I've been pretty lazy when it comes to doing alot. Haven't been feeling the greatest physically lately. Stomach has been hating me something fierce and have had a headache that is dull and lasts off and on for days.

Still on the look out for full time work. Right now I'm getting the chance to bartend in Portage on Sunday afternoon/evenings. I've only one it once because last weekend I had to drive to Colorado Springs to bring my brother back to Wisco. (that was a long long marathon drive there and back in less than 44 hours including 6 hours of sleep.)
Think I'm training again this sunday. After I get the hang of it I guess I'm also going to be an on call bartender incase someone needs the night off. That should be good.

4th of July weekend I'm going with Suzy up to her family's cabin to meet everyone and have fun as long as weather permits outdoor fun.
I'm having a blast with Suzy. We don't see each other everyday which is good and bad. Good because then when we do see each other we are so jazzed to spend time together it doesn't matter what we do. Though its bad because she is working so much that she is super stressed out.
I am totally digging her, she is so sweet and genuine, she treats me so well that I'm always smiling. I can't wait til we finally get to move near the ocean. Its gonna be great.

Other than that I've been just surviving. My brother, his wife and my nephew are living here at my mom's place right now. Its quite fucking crowded and not relaxing like I thought temporarily moving to my mom's would be. Its bad enough living back in the house I grew up in at 28 years old but it would be nice if it was a calm place. It makes me really really look forward to moving with Suzy.
Hmmm... what else to update... ummmmm... my ears have gone up to a 1/2 inch gauge. Keep on, keepin' on.
Going to see the Melvins at the end of the month and then at the end of July there is the Warped Tour, Lucero in Madison at the High Noon Saloon and i just heard the Ataris are playing sometime in July, that should bring back high school memories if I get tickets for that one.

I haven't been drinking hardly at all since I've been here. I think once or twice have i gotten really drunk otherwise its like a maybe a drink or a beer once a week at the most, if that. Surprising compared to 'Drunken December" when the Triple Rock was having is anniversary shows every weekend.
I suppose thats about updates my shennanigans(or lack thereof) as of late.

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