Monday, June 14, 2010

Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced.

Big news: I got engaged last weekend.
Quick recap is as follows, Adam, Danielle, Suzy and I went to KD's Bar to hang out. When the girls walked away Adam and I talked about proposing to our women. I had been thinking about Suzy being the one and have known I was near 100% sure I wanted to spend my life with her. When you know you just know. We haven't been dating nowhere near as long as Danielle and Adam but then again the last time I took this step I had been 2 1/2 years deep into a relationship and we all know how that turned out. Life is short and when you feel it, why not just go for it. I've previously been through one of the worst outcomes that would be possible and I know for a fact Suzy isn't someone who could do anything like that. She is a peach. Sweet and genuine, pretty and fun. Doesn't care about my faults. Could anyone ask for more?
So as i was saying Adam and I discussed it and we both decided that this was the time to do it. He went up to the DJ and requested that he play " Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced" by the Dropkick Murphys and I went and ordered two shots of whiskey, gave one to Adam and one for me. So Adam started first and was proposing which got Suzy distracted enough for me to whisper in her ear " will you marry me?"
She looked to be in shock for a second and asked if I was serious, I told her I didn't have a ring at the moment but she should share the shot with me as celebration as she had said YES.
Now both Adam and I are engaged to our respective others and now the planning has begun.

I've been bombarded with questions on wedding plans and the like so here I'll answer some of the most asked questions so I don't have to answer them a million times.

Is she pregnant?
Not as far as we know so far, so right now the answer is NO!

But you've only been together for a short amount of time, why now?
Because I know when I'm in love and I know when I'm on the lucky end of the stick.

When is the wedding?
Not for a while, we feel there is nothing wrong with a long engagement. When we feel its time to get married we will, on our own time.

Am I invited to the wedding?
We are thinking about doing a Vegas wedding since we are both easily nervous in front of groups of people and don't like being the center of attention. We will video tape the ceremony and show it at the wedding reception whenever we have that so people can feel like they were there. We will send out invites for the reception when we plan it. Plus Suzy loves the 50's Rat Pack and Elvis type stuff so it would be fun for us to get married by an Elvis or Sammy Davis Jr. impersonator. We feel it would make more sense to us to save the money that would be spent on a wedding and use it for a honeymoon instead.

What did your parents say?
My mom was happy and surprised as was the rest of my family that knows at this point. They all really like Suzy.
Suzy hasn't told her family yet because we are gonna be spending time over the 4th of July weekend at her parents cabin and we want to spend the time pressure free so I can get to know her family without being judged through that filter. She'll tell her family in her own time, it doesn't mean she is any less excited, its more doing it out of concern for me and to let me and her family get comfortable/ aquainted with each other. Not to mention we both don't like being the center of attention.

Have you gotten her a ring and what does the ring look like?
You'll find out after Suzy sees it.

Who is your best man gonna be?
I'm gonna have co best men, Leif who is like my second brother and has been a member of my family since I can remember and Adam who is my best friend.

Why not a traditional wedding?
Because neither of us are particularly religious so no church wedding, and honestly I'd like to do a civil union since so many people associate marriage religion and between a man and a woman so I'd love to throw it all off and have what they want gay couples to have but for us, a straight couple, but that would bring even more attention to us and I don't think Suzy would be comfortable with that and I would be all nervous too.

Is this gonna keep you from moving to the west coast?

What do you want for a wedding present?
We are thinking about setting up an account for people to donate to a honeymoon fund instead of traditional wedding presents. No one has to donate but if you want to it will be appreciated.

And once again NO, Suzy is not pregnant. Not yet anyway.


  1. YAY!!! So Happy for you both!!! Congrats! Welcome to the family Suzy!!!

  2. I really need to start blogging again!!!!! I have lost touch!