Sunday, July 4, 2010

Loungin Lakeside in the Northwoods

Rode up with Suzy Thursday night to Pelican Lake and it took longer than it should of because like idiots we actually thought Googlemaps is accurate.
Guess what, its not.
Thursday night after we got up there and settled in, Suzy and I drank little more than half a bottle of Amaretto mixed with cola while we shot the shit with her family.
I had to strip for her family to show off and explain all my tattoos because her mom felt awkward staring at them previously.
Then Suzy's sister Jenny caught a glimpse of the engagement ring and then questions started flying, we let them as a bit before Suzy told them that yes it is an engagement ring and no we aren't pregnant. Everyone seemed very happy for us.
Then after a night filled with heartburn from too much sweet alcohol, we got up and ran with everyone to Walmart to get more booze and some other accouterments. Both Suzy and I felt like total ass all day( intestinal distress to put it lightly) but we maintained barely. I learned out to play the family card game which is pretty much "shit on your neighbor". They play for money but I was learning so I got to play for free. Which is good because I woulda lost haha.
Then we went out for friday fish fry and we had the biggest cunt of a waitress, not even very busy and anytime we asked for like a drink refill or something we'd get eye rolls and angry sighs.
Total bitch.
Then after dinner, came time for the surprise, Suzy's mom and sister Robin came back to the table with a cake that said " Happy Engagement Austin and Suzy" with a bride and groom on it.
Very sweet of them.
We got back and sat around, had burned marshmallows layed around and after everyone went to sleep, we had sex on the living room floor. ( safer spot than the following night)
Saturday was boat ride and sun soaking.
We also all took turns riding the inertube being pulled by the boat. I haven't done that in years, I got some great pictures that I will have to put up once i edit them.
I got sunburned on my temples.
After a nap that lasted longer than I thought we got up, and hung out some more and bullshitted with everyone. Right about dark we were treated to a huge fireworks display around the lake by each of the rich families that must have dropped a pretty penny on some elaborate sky flowers.
After Suzy's parents headed to bed the sisters and their significant others and we played this game called "Catchphrase" i think, I dunno, by this point I was just hitting the bottom of the bottle of stoli raspberri vodka that we bought on friday morning.
It was a hilarious time playing that and after the boys team lost, BARELY... we scampered off to bed. We were in the room with bunk beds and a twin bed that slid on the floor with the slightest movement so we decide to have sex on the top bunk to minimize the sound but it being kinda dark and REALLY close to the ceiling, what do I do? Slam my head into the ceiling fan blades and gash my head. Didn't bleed really but it is very very noticeable and is quite bruised. Not to mention my sunburn really brings out the red in the line gash. HAHAHA. Floor might have been safer.
Today slept in a bit then collected our things, said our goodbyes and we headed off back to Lodi.
Now we are sitting around hoping that the rain holds off and we feel good enough to drive to the Dells and find a good spot to watch the massive Fireworks display that the Kalahari resort puts on every year. The skys aren't looking to favorable at the moment but fingers are crossed.

I had a blast with what I suppose is now my third side of the family. Everyone was super nice and I got along quite well.
The lake was beautiful towards sunset and I couldn't put my camera down.
It was an amazing respite from the drama and hectic-ness of the normal southern Wisconsin life.
So far a great way to spend my holiday weekend.

Thought of Dad some too, which made me sad but thats life.

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