Sunday, August 1, 2010

And thats the news in this neck of the woods...

Alot going on this past week.

Went out to the Frequency on Monday with Suzy and got wasted. Walked to Ian's Pizza for late night drunk food.
Tuesday was staying at home and relaxing.
Came back to Suzy's on Wednesday night.
Went with Adam and Danielle to the Warped Tour in Milwaukee. I had to get up fucking super early to be ready to leave by 9:30am.
Watched bits of: Emmure(sucked, too Limp Bizkit-y with death metal screams for my taste)
Left Alone( a hellcat records band)
Set Your Goals( Danielle wasn't digging them and they are better on album than live)
The Exposed( from the U.K.)
Riverboat Gamblers( waiting for Reel Big Fish to play)
Pennywise( which played on a offshoot stage, prolly since they have a new singer or to make room for The Cab to play on the main stage, not sure which)
Face to Face( caught the end of their set, never been a big fan anyway)
Andrew W.K.( only caught "Party Hard" and lemme tell ya, it was worth seeing that alone)

Saw full sets of:
Suicide Silence( meh )
The Casualties( always a fun set even though it never changes)
Every Time I Die( god I love Andy's new perm. Toughest perm I have seen. The Buckley bros are always high energy)
Alkaline Trio( Up front for this one and the band threw out alot of old songs into the setlist. Conveniently skipped over songs from Crimson and The Agony and Irony)
Dillinger Escape Plan( highlight of the day, bar none. CRAZY MOTHERFUCKERS, I've got pictures of Ben shredding right above my head.)
Reel Big Fish ( we ended our day with their set and headed back to the car missing out on Sum 41 and Bring Me The Horizon, didn't care to see either band)

Friday I ran some errands and then took a nap on Suzy's couch waiting for her to get home from work so we could spend some time together relaxing before we met up with Adam and Danielle at the High Noon Saloon to see Lucero.
God they were awesome, we left with after an hour and a half of their two hour set because Suzy was hella worn out from her week and I was pretty drunk.

Which I've decided to quit drinking. I'm going to start with until Suzy's birthday Oct 18th. Thats a good two months to start. Not unreasonable. I don't think I really have a problem, its more of I need to give it a rest and know that I can stop for any length of time I choose. More of a will power test than anything. Being a Wisconsinite, we tend to not realize how much we actually drink.
I don't drink often but when I do go out, I get absolutely wasted, not blackout drunk but dumb and hungover drunk. Plus its a waste of money that I need to be saving to move and for the wedding. So I will stop for two months, then stop again until Thanksgiving, then again until New Years then maybe just stop all together if I so choose. I just wanna know I control it and it doesn't control me.

Yesterday was Christmas in July at Suzy's sister's house in DeForest. Most of her sisters were there along with significant others and her Mom and Stepdad. It was alot of fun, I hung out with the women folk because for some reason I tend to rather do that then do "the guy thing" or I'm just lazy and it was indoors with the AC on. I like to think the former rather than the latter.
Suzy spent the night last night and we watched some episodes of Dexter, which i got her hooked on.( Hooray me)
Today I got a nice surprise, to preface: I had a single strong pain killer to take when I go finish my back piece, because it was the only unbearable tattoo I have had so far.
So I had it in an old Xanax bottle that had some of my stronger Xanax in, which i rarely take because it isn't necessary very often. And I went to put that stuff in my new lock box for safe keeping but lo and behold it had been stolen and replaced with one of my very weak Xanax pills instead. To top it off a fair amount of my strong Xanax were also missing.
I am damn sure I know who took them and it isn't my brother (for once) or my aunt. It was someone who use to live here but left and has been a thorn in our family's side for a while now. She apparently has been coming here early in the morning when no one is home and knows that we don't lock some doors because the dogs need to go out during the day and is friendly with the dogs.
No way to prove it, but she sent some text messages to my mom that may have inadvertently hung herself by.
The worst part is EVERY SINGLE TIME Suzy spends the night some new drama bullshit ends up happening with my family. I'm afraid soon she isn't ever gonna wanna come over.
So that was what I discovered this afternoon.
Took Suzy up to see my mom's cabin for a bit, drove through the Wisconsin Dells then over to Portage to check our Goodwill and get some Mexican food.
And that about wraps up my week.

Next week I gotta see if I work Sunday since the schedule wasn't finished for that day last time I checked. I hope I do so I can make some money. And I need to take this week and find somewhere decent to work that needs people Tuesday through Friday. Good luck with that it seems. I hate working, but I hate not having a steady income even more.

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