Monday, August 30, 2010

just call me "johnny paycheck"

New job. Fucking rad.
I'm worn out from getting up earlier than i'm use to.
Spent the morning doing paper work then on to cleaning cars. Its not hard, usually get a car down every half hour or so.
It will be nice when I go to my regular 2nd shift of 2 to 10pm. Can't wait for my insurance to kick in too.

Things are going great with Suzy. Also my mom said she would float me a loan once I got a full time job so I can get a new car, I'm sick of driving the truck. It is about at that point where it will start to nickel and dime me to death so its a perfect time to get a 4 door.

Life is definately getting better.
Looks like everything is coming up Milhouse

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