Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life part 2

Like i was saying before, I'm a little freaked out.
Or to quote Motion City Soundtrack " the future freaks me out", this is really ridiculous that I cannot find a suitable job. I just want a job that pays decent and isn't too demeaning. I'm pretty surprised that I've had no real hits on any of my resume'. I've even tried calling these places back, I just get the same run around " we're still looking at applications". I go in conservative, hidden tattoos, polite and all that jazz but so far.... fuck all.
I've tried not being as picky as I would like to be in choosing where I apply but its not helping. If only the bar would give me more hours it would float me along enough to save money and pay for insurance.
So I've got that on my mind.

Not to mention the desire to move but again no cash, no move. Then we have the Wedding which I know isn't for a while but saving for that would be nice too and not have to feel like a deadbeat while my fiancee works TWO jobs and I have none. Wish I woulda had a server job in high school so I could use that on my resume'. Every place wants an EXPERIENCED server, no time to train I guess.

So I got alot on my mind at the moment. Suzy is doing her best to make it easy on me but its still frustrating and nerve-racking trying to get my shit together.

Waiting is the worst part.

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