Saturday, October 30, 2010

Devil's night movie marathon.

So I failed in my attempt to watch one horror movie a day for the entire month of October.
I did watch some horror movies I haven't seen before, even a couple gems.
Last night The Hammer Films version of Revenge of Frankenstein was on. I love Peter Cushing's take on the character of Dr. Frankenstein.
Also last night I got Suzy to watch a horror movie with me, Poltergeist. Its probably one of the only horror movies she doesn't actually get scared by I think.
Tonight I'm gonna watch the full cut of Grindhouse on blu-ray WITH the fake trailers inbetween.
Maybe after I'll work on watching something interesting on Netflix instant.
Screw going to "freakfest on state street" tonight.
Right now I'm flipping between Halloween:H20 and Hills Have Eyes(remake), not much else on tv.
Tomorrow night its the traditional showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I might have found an apartment, gonna go take a look at it sometime soon, 2 bedroom and its available in january. It'll be cold moving but better to get it out of the way and then I can walk around my own place naked whenever I please. Believe me, that is a really enjoyable part of not having a roommate that doesn't see you naked anyway.

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