Tuesday, October 5, 2010

For tonight's viewing pleasure...

So I feel like an asshole for trying to have a "serious" discussion about the realities of our upcoming life and all it did was piss off my fiancee'. Also in the midst of the convo I made the immense mistake that every guy makes at one point in a newish relationship... I called my current lady a former girlfriend's name. Atleast it wasn't during sex or anything but she was saying the same things that I heard a million times before in a previous relationship and I couldn't take hearing it, and as I went to say "Suzy stop it" the former's name replaced "Suzy". I never say things the way I mean them. Which is why I rarely say whats on my mind since it comes out wrong. So fuck it, i'm an asshole.
Now some escapism.

Starring the very young Jessica Harper who some might recognize from the not so great psuedo sequel to Rocky Horror Picture Show called " Shock Treatment" where she took over the role of Janet Weiss or the cameo role as the model that the Joker turns into a grinning joker zombie thing in Tim Burton's "Batman.
This is one of the horror classics that I've never seen before. I just never got too much into italian horror. So I'm gonna give it a try.

The movie of the night almost was "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie"

but I've seen it under the alternate title "The Living Dead At Manchester Morgue"

so I turned to Suspiria thinking that I need to see something I've yet to watch.
We'll see if I'm converted to a Dario Argento fan, though the character Juno in the titular movie talking it up made me avoid it like the plague as well.

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