Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Horror fest make me happy and cloudy cold days don't.

I've been in a crappy mood lately (like this is something new?)
October is one of my favorite times of years simply because every channel pulls out the horror movies some that I haven't seen yet "They"

As well as some of the ones I love: Night of the Living Dead, They Live, The Shining etc...
But I've been a bit salty, I think slightly because I don't get to share this love with my lady faire. She doesn't like gory or creepy movies. Actually she doesn't really like many of the movies that I like, in her words " my taste in movies is STRANGE".
Its too bad.
Enjoying the more offbeat movies is seen as a bad thing.
I don't really dig fall because it brings me that much closer to winter but October horrorfests is the one shining beacon in an ever greying season. Having differences in taste isn't always a bad thing but when we don't really get to spend alot of time together it kinda sucks not getting to share the things I like with her. I'll have to cancel my christmas movie traditions for spending christmas doing her family traditions which I have no problem with per se but I'm not a christmas holly jolly guy, i prefer my celebrating to be with gremlins on tv and maybe a glass of whiskey and ginger ale so I'm going to be forgoing that for family christmases, plural. It would be a bit nice to share my traditions with her. Even if I would have to choose slightly less gory additions to my horrorfest.

Some days my mind doesn't let me ignore the differences and thats what gets me all pissy. I wish she would start to adopt my interests. But thats because I'm selfish and I think I have awesome interests. Not everyone would agree. Thats the selfishness I need to work on. Probably doesn't help that I really don't have any friends who are around when I am that share in the same things I enjoy.
Probably too bad that what I really enjoy is sitting at home and watch movies and play video games.

So there is another whiney thing rattling around in my brain.
On much happier notes the baby is coming along, only a few more weeks and we get to finally settle on the name.
Either we will be having a Liam Westerberg Kenworthy or a Lucia Phair Kenworthy. I'm so excited to find out. I hate waiting. I am impatient for stuff like this, which is why I never wait until birthdays and christmases to give presents.
Also tomorrow I get to go pick up my copy of Smackdown vs Raw 2011, another yearly tradition of mine. Alot of people have learned that I have watch wrestling sometimes, usually there is nothing else on when I do. I've been watching it since I was a little kid and it has always kind of been a guilty pleasure, soap opera for guys but the video games I never cared if people knew that I played them as they are alot of fun and actually keep my attention for 7 or 8 months without getting bored unlike alot of games including the Grand Theft Auto series.
I'm really hoping I hear back soon from one of the couple jobs I applied for that pay a decent wage so I can look for an apartment. Maybe somewhere in DeForest, Sun Prairie, Waunakee or somewhere close in that is affordable.
So let that sun come out so I can put my hold my crappy mood at bay.
Fingers crossed.

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