Monday, October 4, 2010

I Have a Feeling This One Is Gonna....

This is the horror movie for the night. I heard about this when I went to to go see a movie in the theater. No it wasn't released in the theaters(not as far as I know of anyway) but they had a huge standee for this movie advertising that it as "Look for it on DVD"
Basically its a rock n roll vampire movie, that may be the best way to describe it.
By the way a little bit of trivia for you, I hate vampire movies save for "Fright Night" and "From Dusk Til Dawn"
But any movie that has Malcolm McDowell, Alice Cooper billed as an "evil bartender", Moby and Henry Rollins all in one movie, its worth taking a peak atleast.
Score, I just saw Dave Foley from Kids in the Hall fame during the opening sequence where this terrible band is playing. They sound like a horrible horrible Dandy Warhols rip off and this vampire with terrible vampire makeup is walking up and starts chatting up the female bassist, wow I can guess what might happen next.
I think Alice Cooper looks scarier in this movie with saggy skin and the Nikki Sixx hairdo.
Uh oh this band tours in a hearse thats gonna be creepy.
Great line " I'm not sleeping in the hearse, its smells like drummer" Sick burn.

OH NO! The vampire is now singing terrible butt-rock as a way of seducing this girl and it seems to be working as the camera does this still shot on the vampire then cut to the bassist chick while the rest of the room spins. WOW creepy.
OK I'm only 10 minutes into this movie... I'm gonna watch the rest now but it reeks of trying far too hard to be a cult movie.
Damnit, it just lost points, they did an Abbey Road cover rip off shot. Beatles reference minus 50 points.
Hope this makes you wanna watch it on your own. I bet this might actually be decent if there were beers and other people involved to make your own Mystery Science Theater 3000-esque commentary.
Oh well, bassist female just showed up pale and vamped out. SPOOKY, not really.
YES Malcolm McDowell with an eyepatch. plus 5 points
*update* just saw an homage to Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A. cover art.

I'm sure there will be more...

Moby has been spotted fronting a metal band and he is looking very Rob Halford-ish surrounded by meat as in steaks and such, not cock-meat which what would really be surrounding Rob.

Alex Lifeson was also in it. And I finally suffered through it and it was awful.
It was bloody but not scary, one of those god awful comedy with horror elements that is winking far too often at the audience, like what Scream did but on crack but not as horribly as Scary Movie did.

Final Summation: watch while getting drunk in a room full of friends and it might be passable.

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  1. FUCK YES, IGGY POP! just made it better, but this movie is really fucking horrible. I've scraped better things off my shoe than this movie but IGGY fucking POP makes everything better