Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I love watching couples sleep....

Tonight I chose to make today a two-fer in the horror movie department. This time I went with indie phenomenon known as:

It plays out almost like a psuedo spooky version of the Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape for the first 20 minutes, then it treads into this domestic Blair Witch area with people getting annoyed with a camera pointed in their face.
I'm about halfway into the movie so I don't know exactly what else is gonna happen next but I've gotten semi spoilers from people seeing as how I waited so long to see it. I don't find it scary but maybe if I would have seen it in the theater I might actually have jumped at some of these parts. Meh... at least its a nice break from the gorefest movies I usually enjoy.
And being me, I've gotta say it, since anyone who has seen it probably said too... "damn that girl has some big boobs" well maybe not huge but big for her body. But that is neither here nor there, just an observation.
This movie would freak me the fuck out if this stuff actually happened to me, not watching it.
I am pretty interested already as to what the sequel might be like.
I'm gonna take a wild guess that the girl has some split personality or something that explains the "paranormal activities"

In personal news: I didn't get the job at MadCat. I had to call them to be denied, they didn't feel it worth the effort to call me and let me know. I'm totally disappointed that i missed out on a good paying job where I could show some real personality and not be a corporate fake person just to collect a paycheck. Hopefully I can find something where I'm happy to go to work everyday(or most days atleast) and then a decent paycheck would be a bonus.

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