Friday, October 22, 2010

Looks like your hospital ran out of patients, Frank!

Oh indie horror. Could be very very good or very very bad. So far by casting I'm leaning towards good.
Christopher Meloni(Law and Order SVU fame)
Chris Pine (Capt Kirk from the JJ Abrams' Star Trek)
Piper Peribo
Those are some pretty good for a start.
This seems to be one of those "in the midst of a virus apocalypse" horror stories.
Kind of like The Stand mixed with I Know What You Did Last Summer and a small amount of The Road Warrior but not set in the future and a little bit of 28 days later, all wrapped up in a road movie. Oh yea, throw in a smattering of The Crazies remake.
Thats a whole smorgasbord of human fear cliches.
There are even a group of rednecks in a suped up truck hunting down people on the road.
So far from what I've seen all this is blended very nicely and not too heavy handedly either. Even borrowing some familiar themes that we saw after the hurricane Katrina disaster to make it seem more plausible.
Thus far I dig it.

I've come to the realization that I'm getting sick of the theme of people vs. people in dire situations in horror movies, I want to see them face the supernatural or monsters not eachother when times are tough. I can turn on the news and see that every day. I wanna escape the real world when i watch movies.

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