Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wish I had something a bit bloodier but..

Tonight's movie is:

I'm in a terrible mood from work and I really wish I could watch a bloodier, grisly movie, but I'll settle for this movie. I've heard its kinda bloody atleast for a more mainstream movie directed by John Landis.

I haven't really been a huge monster movie fan, here and there I dig em like "Ginger Snaps".
I surprisingly haven't seen it. Well I guess tonight I will.
So there you go, my movie for the night.

As far as my day goes, my anxiety has been through the fucking roof and its getting a bit ridiculous. I'm totally sick of feeling this way but nothing I can really do about it. I really really really need a better paying job so I can find an apartment of my own. Well one that Suzy can move into when she wants to.
As much as I really want to move to San Diego to get away from the harsh winters here in the midwest, I think I'd rather find a way to move back to Minneapolis. The longer I'm gone the more I miss it and all my friends from there. It would be close enough for my mom and Suzy's parents to visit or for us to visit them if we lived up there. I would just need to find meaningful employment up there. Though with the new baby there wouldn't be much time for hanging out with friends like I use to unless they were felt like hanging out around the house with me or something. Not that any of this would really lessen my anxiety attacks but still.
Enough bitching.
On with the movie.

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  1. Dude, I CANNOT WAIT to hang out with the little baby... so yeah, we wanna hang out.