Sunday, November 21, 2010

He covered himself in mud to mask his body temperature.

So last night I watched the Robert Rodrigiez produced Predators

I wasn't expecting much since the Aliens VS. Predator debacle but throw that thought right out your pretty little head. It is nothing like that shit-fest.
Ok I'll be the first to say it, Adrien Brody channeling The Dark Knight gravely voice was a bit grating but other than that, this was a spot on sequel to the original that spawned two governors and Carl Weathers.
Danny Trejo was sweet in it though small screen time as I think he was working on Machete' at the same time.
Topher Grace is really out of place at first but there is more to it other than levity. The Spetnaz soldier was pretty good and nice throwback to the look of the original crew.
One of the most beautiful scenes was the Yakuza warrior facing off against one of the Predators in a field with tall grass. It was gorgeous and perfect.
I don't think this movie could have been executed any better.

On the flipside of the movie coin was Night of The Demons which I learned later was a remake and not a very good one.

The special effects were really entertaining. Edward Furlong sure put on some pounds and I really doubt it was for this movie, doesn't strike me as that type of actor. And I was sad to see that Monica Keena had lost a lot of her curves since I saw her last in Freddy VS. Jason.

Basically it's a supernatural attacking a group and they need to hold out till morning, which we have seen done so much better in Feast, From Dusk Til Dawn and hell even Tales From The Crypt's Demon Knight. Its kind of cheesy and has some questionably funny moments like a girl getting getting fucked by her boyfriend then he turns into a demon and sticks his apparently gigantic demon dick in her ass and turns her into a demon in the process.
Its one of those movies to watch with beers and friends.

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