Sunday, November 28, 2010

Moving is a pain in the ass...

Fuck is this stressful.
Its probably the most stressful part of the whole moving experience, just trying to figure out the logistics of the plan to move.
I've got a hell of a lot of heavy stuff to move and I have some people to help with it but Suzy won't be able to help a lot of it since being in a "delicate state". I don't expect her to be moving colossal boxes or anything, its just really anxious about the fact that I am going to be moving the bulk our possessions. I'm gonna be worn out.
I guess I just wish Suzy was able to help more, not in a selfish way exactly but more of a bonding way, like its "our" first real place together and we have to rely on other people to help.
That is what usually happens when you move, other people help but somehow its not the same.
I know that Suzy feels bad because she can't help more and thats causing a bit of tension between us not to mention money troubles don't make things much easier.
I've been planning things in my head on the best course of action.
Tuesday I pick up keys, hopefully I'll be able to get a few things in after work that night.
Wednesday morning, take the TV and my boxes that I have at Suzy's place before I go to work. Blow up the air mattress. Suzy has to be at the new place between 3 to 5 for internet hookup. Hopefully she can pick up some small boxes to bring over.
Thursday I pick up the moving truck before work then after work, grab her bed to put in the second bedroom and her vanity.
Friday morning I head to my mom's to grab all my stuff i have there, Adam and my mom are gonna help me with that stuff. Awesome.
Saturday morning, drive to Stoughton to get couches and table from Suzy's sister, her mom and other sister are gonna meet me at the new place to help carry it up i guess. That is gonna be really helpful.
I'll probably need a nap after i return the moving truck. Suzy is off work at 1:15 then she and her fam can hopefully go to her current place and grab some stuff. At night maybe set up the apartment a bit.
Sunday grab more stuff.
Hopefully then throughout the rest of the week we slowly grab anything that is leftover.
That is the plan but weather or other people's plans can throw a wrench in my agenda. Hopefully things will work out the way I envision them. And I hope no one overextends themselves.
I just want it to be a week from today so everything will be over with and done.
Stress will be done and we will be looking forward to December 13th and find out if we have a Liam or a Lucy.

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