Friday, November 19, 2010

Your entrance was good, his was better...

Wow, one of the worst movies is on tv "Batman Forever". I once heard that if you pretend that its an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical without the music then it makes sense but I like to think that Joel Schumacher is just a ghost director because the studio didn't want to admit they let Lloyd Kaufman direct a movie with that big of a budget. Poor Val Kilmer, such a great talent wasted on such an awful script.
Not next friday but the one after I should be mostly moved into my new apartment. I am so excited.
Maybe not the lifting and carrying part but the having my own place part, well it won't be my own, I'll be sharing it with Suzy but she won't be able to get her stuff in for about another month or so.
Mostly it will be her staying over some nights until she gets time and more help moving the majority of her stuff. Plus she has to get money for the cat deposit.

Despite being in the middle of a 9 day work week I'm in a pretty good mood. Very worn out and am absolutely looking forward to Thanksgiving but not nearly as pissy as I had been in the previous weeks. Dunno if its the combination of starting to take Vitamin D supplements since I don't get enough or its my taking use of Anna's "3 happy things" that has been helping. Probably a little bit of both maybe as well as mind over matter. Either way it feels so much better not getting pissed off at every tiny thing.

After the apartment the next big milestone is finding out if the baby is an innie or an outtie. We find that out on December 13th at 3pm.

Still slowly looking for another better paying job but who knows if it will happen anytime soon. Most likely no. Not around here.
BUT (fingers crossed) Emily wants to open a tattoo shop in a few years, probably about the time Suzy would be willing to move somewhere and Em would want me to be shop manager. Can someone say "rad sauce"?

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