Monday, December 6, 2010

Suzy says gingers can't be tough guys...

It feels so good.
Good to have a real home, yes i know, its actually an apartment but it feels like a home. Its cozy and plenty of spaces for relaxation. We have the huge ass bed, the baby's room is being to slowly come together ( its gonna double as a guest room too when need be).

Last night I took the opportunity to take a respite from unpacking and getting stuff in order to go with Adam and Danielle to the High Noon Saloon to see the last show of the tour for Doomtree. I gotta say Sims, Mike Mictlan, P.O.S. and Dessa killed it. Cecil Otter was good but he hung back a lot and wasn't really into it. It was a total rad show. Made me miss my MPLS friends. I could just imagine rockin' the show with Emily, Boston and Anna. Also brought back memories of the Doomtree Blowout I went to with Anna last year. Would also have been nice if Suzy could have gone too but after doing so much unpacking she was worn out and needed to have some relaxation time and enjoy the place to herself for a while.

Had a doctor's appointment today, it went well, I liked the doctor. She seemed like she was talking "with me" not talking "at me". Thats hard to find in a DR. now days.

I have a six day work week this week so I can have saturday the 18th off for Suzy's mom's kids christmas. Otherwise as I've done most of my working life, I am working christmas eve and day. Which is fine, I'm not a christmas person.
Though I do get New Years eve and day off plus I should have that sunday and monday off too so four days total. MAYBE just MAYBE I can find a way to make it a Minneapolis New Years trip if Suzy could get the time off too.

Oh and just a for everyone's benefit do not watch Jonah Hex. Its horrible. So bad in fact that I turned it off halfway through and I can sit through pretty much any shit movie. Its not so shitty its good, its so shitty its just plain shitty.

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