Saturday, January 30, 2010

Its' Not a Bear....

Got in some Koala huggin and some kangaroo and wallaby pettin'.

got a bit tipsy last night on the Mckenna's bourbon cokes. Quite tasty.
Dunno what the plan for the evening is.

I'll be back to Minnesnowta in a week or so. whoopie.
CC Club might be calling my name when I touch ground in the Mini Apple.

Summation... see you freaks in a week

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Drinkin burbon, whiskey, scotch and gin....

Here you go fellas and gents, proof of McKenna canned burbon and cola. I'm waiting for it to cool down before I have a review of the taste.

Ran around the city of Brisbane yesterday while Tez napped. I took the Wheel of Brisbane to check out the lay of the land next to the river.
Saw some colored parrots and iguana looking lizards.

Summation: Winter is for a bunch of soppy cunts, I've over it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The People's history....

R.I.P. Howard Zinn.
passed away at the age of 87.
Great mind the world will never have again.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi....

Today is Australia day.
Sposta be sky flowers around 7:30.
Tez has fallen ill with a sinus cold, not sure what the plans for today are yet.
Drinking hopefully. Beer here is slightly lower alcohol per volume here than in the states and bottles of booze costs an arm and a leg and two extra toes.
Oh i saw a six pack of Mckenna's premix bourbon and coke cans.
Holy hell I love this weather being in the upper 80's though its humid as fuck.

Here are some picture's courtesy of Dah from friday night dinner at the Morrison Hotel

final summation... feed giant lizards eggs, the fucking love it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sand in my crack and the sun on my back

First night in Byron. The ocean was extra salty. The two hour ride flew by.
I feel sunburned but I don’t look it. Saw its a blue bottle which is a small type jelly fish. Kookaburra is camped in the trees just above our campsite. Ran around the main drag of Byron to raid for food. Reminds me of the Wisconsin Dells mixed with a hippie surfer town. Tons of tourist trap for the rubes to get sucked into. I’m sitting in a chair relaxing, about to make a kangaroo steak. Jealous???
Watching the baby wild
Surfing tomorrow perhaps, exploring more of the beach and local hippie culture.

Next day... about to go to the beach, just saw a massive monitor lizard walk across the campsite. Yes I got a picture for proof.

back from the beach

Sucks to your Ass-mar

Friday, January 22, 2010

Any regrets?.... Garfield maybe

Just got back from late dinner with Tez's family and friends for her dad's birthday. He's a pretty rad dude. We ate at the Morrison Hotel.
There was a baby with us and it made me miss my nephew. Yes I've only met him once but still.

Tomorrow is Byron Bay bright and early. Surfing, boozing, and BBQing. Not to mention there is sposta be sky flowers on tuesday(american monday)
I fucking love it here. Wish it were easier to move to Aussie land.
If i were home I wouldn't be awake for another six hours, but here Its just past 10pm. Its kind of a mind fuck to think of it that way.

I watched a game of cricket on tv today, didn't understand what the Effin' H was going on.
Those things worth a thousand words will be forthcoming upon my return to the states unless i use my webcam to take glamour shots of myself.
Oh i ate astronaut ice cream yesterday, fyi don't let them sit out in the humid air or it becomes like the inside of a charelston chew.

Final summation: try not to smell like a fucking farm out there.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Highway To The Danger Zone

Jet lagged no more.
Not sure what the plan is for the day maybe some exploring.
I've been thoroughly licked by Butter. Its scorcher to day too, should be all week, 89 degrees and humid.
Suck on that winter!!!!
Went to the local VFW hall and its like a slice of fried gold, its a mini casino with poker, keno, a bar and resturant. Makes the VFW on Lyndale look like an outhouse.
How sad is that?
I'm squeaky clean and i'm going out to get sweaty so bugger off for now.

Advice or final thoughts... knock em stiff!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Like fat people at a free buffet

I made safe and sound.
Sweating my balls off but so much better than freezing them off right?
Jet lag like a mofo party people.
Going to check out trivia tonight and might get a bit shitty.
Saturday heading to Byron Bay for a four day camp near the beach. Hello sandy swamp ass.
Might try to go for a night swim if the sharks aren't in a feeding frenzy.
Too tired to entertain you swiney bastards any longer

Last advice: please take the helmets off the kids

Monday, January 18, 2010

Goin' Goin' Back Back to Cali Cali

Touchdown, well in the city of Angels atleast.
The flight wasn't bad. The turbulence was actually quite fun descending through the rain clouds to the freshly bathed metropolis.
The loveable grizzly man-bear that is Zach Galifinakas in "The Hangover" and a little Warren Zevon gave me safe passage to the left coast.

So once I got my bearings in the massive structure that is LAX and got up to the check in counter, I was greeted with possible happy happy joy joy type news. Here in a few minutes I will know if I get to skip my stop in Sydney and rocket straight through to Brisbane.
Someone give me all HELL YEAH! Amen brotha.
So now I'm just chillin and killin, waiting for the yea or nay and relaxing, getting some edibles the usual layover stuff. I've got the Beat Farmer's "Hollywood Hills" song stuck in my head since the decent into LA LA Land.

Almost time to enter the time warp where Tuesday disappears straight into Wednesday.
I am so jazzed to see Smurfette in the morning.
I am actually enjoying this traveling, just as long as my intestinal tract hold up and doesn't wanna fight with me. Fingers crossed.
Give me sunshine, give me laughter, give me fun.

Final Summation: All my exes live in Texas, thats why I hang my hat in Tennessee

Sunday, January 17, 2010

If I Knew It Was This Kind of Party I'da Stuck My Dick in The Mash Potatas

And let the beat...............DRRRRROOOOOOOPP. Welcome, welcome one and all to this my first of most likely many misspelled, self-depricating, occasionally self-agrandizing entries into the word of bloggishness.
I don't know what will be posted here from time to time, could be anything from random drunken recollections, me spouting off on the highs and lows of pop culture, but probably mundane tangents about boring exploits of a late 20's jobless man-child wasting his days in the Mini-Apple and all that comes with it. Some names may be changed to save the innocent and others may be highlighted to expose the guilty. Have fun guessing who is who.

Pictures from last nights escapades. It was my friend/hairstylist Kate T's late birthday party slash my leaving the country party slash my best friend is in town for the weekend blowout.

A great drunken time was had by all at Sauce Soundbar. Lemme tell you, I highly recommend the drink known as "The Sure Shot"( all the specials are named after Beastie Boys songs)
I pounded a couple of those among others, we got a little rowdy. Pretty killer night if I do say so myself. Its was nice to get out of the old familiar divey scene of the CC Club as much as its home but being around all the posh-ish hipsters made for an extra interesting night.

Woke up without the requisite hangover that nights like that tend to bring and ate breakfast with Momma Bear, her boyfriend and the Leifster. I am not a morning eater but it was nice to sit and shoot the shit for a while.
Now its time for me to make sure I've got all my essentials packed up, for tomorrow I venture to a foreign land for two weeks. Not really looking forward to the skyway travel.
Not enough control= too much anxiety.
Gotta love Klonopin and Xanax for just such occasions.
This will be my first time out of the country if you don't count the city that made the "Donkey Show" famous. And I don't.
Going to California then off to Brisbane Australia. You just can't find a good 'Roo burger here in the states so why not spend hundreds of dollars to eat one in the land of kangaroos. MMMM fresh.
I'm excited to see a girl I'm crazy about. Her name is Tez. She is a short beautiful creature and she is gonna show me around that crazy country for those two weeks. She is saving me from cold January weather and I cannot wait til my balls descend back from up in the safety and warmness of my torso to their rightful place swinging in the warm air like they just don't care.
So more than likely I'll be updating all the shennanigans and what have you on my adventure from time to time. Be on the lookout.

Final words of advice for the day... eat more pizza!