Sunday, May 16, 2010

So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes

Birthday weekend...
Lots of fun.
Spent so much time with my gorgeous, gorgeous, sweet girlfriend.
She got to meet my MPLS friends.
Drove up to the Mini Apple and got in around 8, was at the CC by 9pm, had dinner and a drink before people started to show up around 10:30 ish. Got hella drunk, spent more on drinks than I wanted to.
A few friends bought me some shots, which was nice.
Stumbled back to my old apartment and I created a couple inside jokes between Suzy and I in my drunken state. SHHHHHH!!!!!
Layed around til noon-ish then packed the last of my shit into her car and headed back on home.
Stopped at Fitz's on the Lake for dinner then got back to the house and basically passed out for two hours, woke up, watched Pet Semetary, and again I had to hide my face and ears at the crazy sister flashback scene like always so I wouldn't have nightmares.

Today we layed around most of the morning and cuddled, then I finally got my ass in gear and mowed my mom's front lawn once Suzy headed home.

Thats my whirlwind birthday weekend. No presents, just one card( thank you Suzy) tons of facebooks birthday wishes, lotsa booze. Great way to end my Mini Apple chapter of my life, not that I won't come back visit.

Gotta turn applications in this week, Loopy is putting me on this list for the Mastadon/Baroness show in Madison on Tuesday. Super rad of him.

28 doesn't feel any different. If my organs weren't slowly breaking down I would swear I'm still 18 or 20.
Now just 12 more years and its yearly colonoscopies from then on. hahahaha ouch

Monday, May 10, 2010

Destination: Middleman

AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! sigh of relief.
I'm finally upacked and set up in Lodi. I've already done a bunch of chores around to help my mom out.
I spent saturday night getting my room set up with help of Adam for a bit then Suzy came over and spent the night. She helped make the bed and carry some stuff from the garage into my bedroom.
God, she is such a sweet sweet girl. I love this lady faire. She is amazing, I can't get enough of her.
Sunday I did the chores then Suzy came over again and we walked around town and I gave her a personal tour of my hometown and all the shennanigans that happened in certain areas.
We hung out and (sorta) watched a movie.
Might go to a Brewers game for Adam's birthday on Wednesday. Then on Friday I'm carpooling with friends up for a birthday celebration/last night in Minneapolis at the CC club. Hope all my friends make there way out to see me.

Then its off to try and find a job to save money so Suzy and I can move when she has graduated. Warmer climates here we come.
I am so happy today.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In Bloom

Quick recap of the last week:
Good Things:
1. spent alot of quality time with my sweetpea.
2. Got wasted at the NoFx show with my good friend, his lady and his co-worker.
3. Got to see my mom and nephew
4. Moved more things down to Wisco
5. Purchased some more plugs for my ears at decent prices
6. finally got some yardwork/ gutters cleaned up for my mom

Bad things:
1. mouth-raped by some girl at the NoFx show
2. Not being able to stay longer
3. Pissing out my ass in some random bathroom on state street. Awkward!

I had so much fun this past week in Wisconsin, did alot of running around, a trip to milwaukee and alot of cuddling and such with my Sweetpea <3.
As much as I love my friends up here in Minneapolis, i can't wait to get down to Wisco to be able to spend more time with my lady friend and help my mom out and hopefully find a job that doesn't want to make me hang myself with frustration.

I'm not going to gush too much but I'll say that I think i might have found someone that I am going to be with for a long time. Don't wanna jinx it but seems quite possible.
She met my mom and Mom seemed to like her.

Less than two weeks now and I'll be moving the last of my crap out of Minne-snow-ta.

Totally looking forward to May 18th which is the Mastadon/Baroness show in Mad-town.
The next two weeks are gonna be jam packed though.