Saturday, October 30, 2010

Devil's night movie marathon.

So I failed in my attempt to watch one horror movie a day for the entire month of October.
I did watch some horror movies I haven't seen before, even a couple gems.
Last night The Hammer Films version of Revenge of Frankenstein was on. I love Peter Cushing's take on the character of Dr. Frankenstein.
Also last night I got Suzy to watch a horror movie with me, Poltergeist. Its probably one of the only horror movies she doesn't actually get scared by I think.
Tonight I'm gonna watch the full cut of Grindhouse on blu-ray WITH the fake trailers inbetween.
Maybe after I'll work on watching something interesting on Netflix instant.
Screw going to "freakfest on state street" tonight.
Right now I'm flipping between Halloween:H20 and Hills Have Eyes(remake), not much else on tv.
Tomorrow night its the traditional showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I might have found an apartment, gonna go take a look at it sometime soon, 2 bedroom and its available in january. It'll be cold moving but better to get it out of the way and then I can walk around my own place naked whenever I please. Believe me, that is a really enjoyable part of not having a roommate that doesn't see you naked anyway.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Horror fest make me happy and cloudy cold days don't.

I've been in a crappy mood lately (like this is something new?)
October is one of my favorite times of years simply because every channel pulls out the horror movies some that I haven't seen yet "They"

As well as some of the ones I love: Night of the Living Dead, They Live, The Shining etc...
But I've been a bit salty, I think slightly because I don't get to share this love with my lady faire. She doesn't like gory or creepy movies. Actually she doesn't really like many of the movies that I like, in her words " my taste in movies is STRANGE".
Its too bad.
Enjoying the more offbeat movies is seen as a bad thing.
I don't really dig fall because it brings me that much closer to winter but October horrorfests is the one shining beacon in an ever greying season. Having differences in taste isn't always a bad thing but when we don't really get to spend alot of time together it kinda sucks not getting to share the things I like with her. I'll have to cancel my christmas movie traditions for spending christmas doing her family traditions which I have no problem with per se but I'm not a christmas holly jolly guy, i prefer my celebrating to be with gremlins on tv and maybe a glass of whiskey and ginger ale so I'm going to be forgoing that for family christmases, plural. It would be a bit nice to share my traditions with her. Even if I would have to choose slightly less gory additions to my horrorfest.

Some days my mind doesn't let me ignore the differences and thats what gets me all pissy. I wish she would start to adopt my interests. But thats because I'm selfish and I think I have awesome interests. Not everyone would agree. Thats the selfishness I need to work on. Probably doesn't help that I really don't have any friends who are around when I am that share in the same things I enjoy.
Probably too bad that what I really enjoy is sitting at home and watch movies and play video games.

So there is another whiney thing rattling around in my brain.
On much happier notes the baby is coming along, only a few more weeks and we get to finally settle on the name.
Either we will be having a Liam Westerberg Kenworthy or a Lucia Phair Kenworthy. I'm so excited to find out. I hate waiting. I am impatient for stuff like this, which is why I never wait until birthdays and christmases to give presents.
Also tomorrow I get to go pick up my copy of Smackdown vs Raw 2011, another yearly tradition of mine. Alot of people have learned that I have watch wrestling sometimes, usually there is nothing else on when I do. I've been watching it since I was a little kid and it has always kind of been a guilty pleasure, soap opera for guys but the video games I never cared if people knew that I played them as they are alot of fun and actually keep my attention for 7 or 8 months without getting bored unlike alot of games including the Grand Theft Auto series.
I'm really hoping I hear back soon from one of the couple jobs I applied for that pay a decent wage so I can look for an apartment. Maybe somewhere in DeForest, Sun Prairie, Waunakee or somewhere close in that is affordable.
So let that sun come out so I can put my hold my crappy mood at bay.
Fingers crossed.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Looks like your hospital ran out of patients, Frank!

Oh indie horror. Could be very very good or very very bad. So far by casting I'm leaning towards good.
Christopher Meloni(Law and Order SVU fame)
Chris Pine (Capt Kirk from the JJ Abrams' Star Trek)
Piper Peribo
Those are some pretty good for a start.
This seems to be one of those "in the midst of a virus apocalypse" horror stories.
Kind of like The Stand mixed with I Know What You Did Last Summer and a small amount of The Road Warrior but not set in the future and a little bit of 28 days later, all wrapped up in a road movie. Oh yea, throw in a smattering of The Crazies remake.
Thats a whole smorgasbord of human fear cliches.
There are even a group of rednecks in a suped up truck hunting down people on the road.
So far from what I've seen all this is blended very nicely and not too heavy handedly either. Even borrowing some familiar themes that we saw after the hurricane Katrina disaster to make it seem more plausible.
Thus far I dig it.

I've come to the realization that I'm getting sick of the theme of people vs. people in dire situations in horror movies, I want to see them face the supernatural or monsters not eachother when times are tough. I can turn on the news and see that every day. I wanna escape the real world when i watch movies.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I love watching couples sleep....

Tonight I chose to make today a two-fer in the horror movie department. This time I went with indie phenomenon known as:

It plays out almost like a psuedo spooky version of the Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape for the first 20 minutes, then it treads into this domestic Blair Witch area with people getting annoyed with a camera pointed in their face.
I'm about halfway into the movie so I don't know exactly what else is gonna happen next but I've gotten semi spoilers from people seeing as how I waited so long to see it. I don't find it scary but maybe if I would have seen it in the theater I might actually have jumped at some of these parts. Meh... at least its a nice break from the gorefest movies I usually enjoy.
And being me, I've gotta say it, since anyone who has seen it probably said too... "damn that girl has some big boobs" well maybe not huge but big for her body. But that is neither here nor there, just an observation.
This movie would freak me the fuck out if this stuff actually happened to me, not watching it.
I am pretty interested already as to what the sequel might be like.
I'm gonna take a wild guess that the girl has some split personality or something that explains the "paranormal activities"

In personal news: I didn't get the job at MadCat. I had to call them to be denied, they didn't feel it worth the effort to call me and let me know. I'm totally disappointed that i missed out on a good paying job where I could show some real personality and not be a corporate fake person just to collect a paycheck. Hopefully I can find something where I'm happy to go to work everyday(or most days atleast) and then a decent paycheck would be a bonus.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"You're ignorant Johnny..."

So today without trying I accomplished my horror movie of the day, which i've been majorly slacking lately. I turned on the tv when i woke up and they were showing:

Personally I prefer my version of the movie, granted the version I have is in color, but it has a rifftrax commentary track that makes many many Wisconsin jokes along the way. If you don't know what rifftrax are, its basically Mystery Science Theater 3000 but just in a commentary track. It makes the movie so much more fun especially since I've seen NOTLD so many times already.

Anyway, point being, I love this movie so I can cross off today for my horror movie of the day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wish I had something a bit bloodier but..

Tonight's movie is:

I'm in a terrible mood from work and I really wish I could watch a bloodier, grisly movie, but I'll settle for this movie. I've heard its kinda bloody atleast for a more mainstream movie directed by John Landis.

I haven't really been a huge monster movie fan, here and there I dig em like "Ginger Snaps".
I surprisingly haven't seen it. Well I guess tonight I will.
So there you go, my movie for the night.

As far as my day goes, my anxiety has been through the fucking roof and its getting a bit ridiculous. I'm totally sick of feeling this way but nothing I can really do about it. I really really really need a better paying job so I can find an apartment of my own. Well one that Suzy can move into when she wants to.
As much as I really want to move to San Diego to get away from the harsh winters here in the midwest, I think I'd rather find a way to move back to Minneapolis. The longer I'm gone the more I miss it and all my friends from there. It would be close enough for my mom and Suzy's parents to visit or for us to visit them if we lived up there. I would just need to find meaningful employment up there. Though with the new baby there wouldn't be much time for hanging out with friends like I use to unless they were felt like hanging out around the house with me or something. Not that any of this would really lessen my anxiety attacks but still.
Enough bitching.
On with the movie.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HorrorShow attitude but no horror movie...

I haven't had time in the past few days to watch a horror movie.
I've been fucking stressed out with my car janitor job. Its been a huge pain in the ass. So when I get home from work I don't even have the energy to pick something to watch. Maybe I'll have some gusto tomorrow.
Plus I've been getting up early the past two days, yesterday for an interview for a rad job (fingers crossed i get it) at a pet supply store and not one of those chain ones like Ani-mart. It would be a decent pay increase and I'm guessing a much better work enviornment and less stressful.
Less stress is what I really really need right now. The impending fatherhood, work and money issues, car payments etc... have really taken a toll on my body, my anxiety is sky high which causes flair ups in my IBS something fierce and so on and so forth.
I really am looking for a workplace that not only pays decent but really feels like a place I want to go to everyday. I had that at the old theaters I worked at but none of the cinemas around here are hiring. So unless I get lucky with Madcat, the search continues...

Bright spot, I got to see my kid today. We even got pictures. The baby seems to be growing well. From the pictures, Suzy says the kids got my chin. I sure hope its a boy because I'd hate for our daughter to look like Sara Jessica Parker. EGADS!!!!!!!!!
I had the most giant grin come across my face when I saw that little peapod pop up on the screen. I felt pretty awesome to see him/her for the first time. Eight more weeks and we get to know if its gonna be an innie or an outtie.

So that is where my mind has been. I'll try and find a good horror movie to either recommend or rip apart in the next blog(i hope)

P.S. too bad i missed the zombie pub crawl. Not so much the drinking part but the dressing up and hanging out would have been fun, even if I would have had to wade my way through a sea of douchebags.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Horror Documentary.....

Today's film is not a real horror film, instead its a retrospective or maybe better described as a dissection of america's horror fascination and evolution of american scary cinema

It covers everything from Thomas Edison's studio early 1900's adaptation of Frankenstein which was a commercial flop all the way on.
Some of the greatest horror directors ruminate on everything from the idea of fear in reality permeating the silver screen to Lon Cheney Jr's bringing a sadness to the Wolfman character.

I wrote a paper on this very thesis, that of the different eras of horror cinema that were influenced about what was going on in the world around us. Everything from the Atomic age and Red Scare to Xenophobia that has made its way into films today.

I love this part in the documentary where George Romero is pointing out how in the original "The Thing" they are constantly opening doors and then finally when you are so use to seeing people opening doors and then BAM the there is the THING!!!!!!!.

I have a special place in my heart for the Atomic age of horror films or maybe some might consider them Sci Fi films but movie like "THEM!" and Invasion of the Body Snatchers and It Came From Outerspace.
They are cheesy but so much fun to watch without having to be full of gore.

I'm enjoying that they even mention the Hammer films. And they go on to show how Vietnam influenced the horror genre, which I think really was the birth of the great special effects since the we were seeing real gore on the television every night hosted by "Uncle Walter" . From them on we really got some point of reference to what human gore looked like and then we see the rise of Tom Savini and others trying to replicate it. Another very interesting aspect.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul

Gotta give a thanks to Rock n Roll Ray for turning me on to Coffin Joe. This is gonna be a fun movie to watch.
So tonight's movie is:

"At midnight I'll take your soul"
Its an old school black and white movie in Portuguese with english subtitles.
Sometimes these are fun to watch, a much different experience than the normal horror films.
It even starts out with a warning from an old creepy gypsy-esque woman holding a skull.
Now its time to enjoy

I didn't pick it, it picked me...

So I didn't really put a horror movie on tonight, I played Madden 11 when I got home tonight after spending some time with Suzy.
After I got done playing video games, I turned on the cable and what just happened to be on????

Thats right, Flat-muthafuckin-liners.
Its not totally a horror movie in the strictest of the word but it is scary as fuck, your bad deeds from the past literally coming back to haunt you and kick your ass. Plus the theme of trying to see how long you can stay dead and then come back, thus making themselves by proxy zombies. Ok i'm reaching on that one but still this is one of the movies that creeped me the fuck out as a kid and still does and it counts because I haven't seen this movie in a long time. Plus it's a great jumping off point for "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon"
Oh Billy Baldwin you are sooooo dreamy. sadly he is prettier in this movie than Julia Roberts, hell the same can be said for Oliver Platt too... another reason to make this movie creepy but on an absolutely different level.
For once and only time in my life i will utter the following words: "thank you Lifetime channel"

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

For tonight's viewing pleasure...

So I feel like an asshole for trying to have a "serious" discussion about the realities of our upcoming life and all it did was piss off my fiancee'. Also in the midst of the convo I made the immense mistake that every guy makes at one point in a newish relationship... I called my current lady a former girlfriend's name. Atleast it wasn't during sex or anything but she was saying the same things that I heard a million times before in a previous relationship and I couldn't take hearing it, and as I went to say "Suzy stop it" the former's name replaced "Suzy". I never say things the way I mean them. Which is why I rarely say whats on my mind since it comes out wrong. So fuck it, i'm an asshole.
Now some escapism.

Starring the very young Jessica Harper who some might recognize from the not so great psuedo sequel to Rocky Horror Picture Show called " Shock Treatment" where she took over the role of Janet Weiss or the cameo role as the model that the Joker turns into a grinning joker zombie thing in Tim Burton's "Batman.
This is one of the horror classics that I've never seen before. I just never got too much into italian horror. So I'm gonna give it a try.

The movie of the night almost was "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie"

but I've seen it under the alternate title "The Living Dead At Manchester Morgue"

so I turned to Suspiria thinking that I need to see something I've yet to watch.
We'll see if I'm converted to a Dario Argento fan, though the character Juno in the titular movie talking it up made me avoid it like the plague as well.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I Have a Feeling This One Is Gonna....

This is the horror movie for the night. I heard about this when I went to to go see a movie in the theater. No it wasn't released in the theaters(not as far as I know of anyway) but they had a huge standee for this movie advertising that it as "Look for it on DVD"
Basically its a rock n roll vampire movie, that may be the best way to describe it.
By the way a little bit of trivia for you, I hate vampire movies save for "Fright Night" and "From Dusk Til Dawn"
But any movie that has Malcolm McDowell, Alice Cooper billed as an "evil bartender", Moby and Henry Rollins all in one movie, its worth taking a peak atleast.
Score, I just saw Dave Foley from Kids in the Hall fame during the opening sequence where this terrible band is playing. They sound like a horrible horrible Dandy Warhols rip off and this vampire with terrible vampire makeup is walking up and starts chatting up the female bassist, wow I can guess what might happen next.
I think Alice Cooper looks scarier in this movie with saggy skin and the Nikki Sixx hairdo.
Uh oh this band tours in a hearse thats gonna be creepy.
Great line " I'm not sleeping in the hearse, its smells like drummer" Sick burn.

OH NO! The vampire is now singing terrible butt-rock as a way of seducing this girl and it seems to be working as the camera does this still shot on the vampire then cut to the bassist chick while the rest of the room spins. WOW creepy.
OK I'm only 10 minutes into this movie... I'm gonna watch the rest now but it reeks of trying far too hard to be a cult movie.
Damnit, it just lost points, they did an Abbey Road cover rip off shot. Beatles reference minus 50 points.
Hope this makes you wanna watch it on your own. I bet this might actually be decent if there were beers and other people involved to make your own Mystery Science Theater 3000-esque commentary.
Oh well, bassist female just showed up pale and vamped out. SPOOKY, not really.
YES Malcolm McDowell with an eyepatch. plus 5 points
*update* just saw an homage to Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A. cover art.

I'm sure there will be more...

Moby has been spotted fronting a metal band and he is looking very Rob Halford-ish surrounded by meat as in steaks and such, not cock-meat which what would really be surrounding Rob.

Alex Lifeson was also in it. And I finally suffered through it and it was awful.
It was bloody but not scary, one of those god awful comedy with horror elements that is winking far too often at the audience, like what Scream did but on crack but not as horribly as Scary Movie did.

Final Summation: watch while getting drunk in a room full of friends and it might be passable.

Thanks Netflix Instant...

Temporarily Out of Service

I was planning on watching American Werewolf in London for my movie of the night but thanks to instant netflix I couldn't because it wasn't working.
So maybe I'll try again tonight or maybe it will be a different movie entirely. I just don't wanna watch something I've seen before or have seen somewhat recently.

stay tuned

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October horror movie days

I'm going to try and watch one horror movie a day during the month of October.

I missed starting last night so tonight was a double feature starting with:

Return of the Living Dead 2.
This movie had two of the main actors from the first Return of the Living Dead but as different characters, kinda wierd.

Not to mention it had the girl from Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Basically I was in for great acting all around. The zombies looked worse( and i don't mean that as a compliment) than the zombies in the first one. I guess it wasn't suppose to be a sequel to ROTLD but the studio would only fund it if it was a continuation of the series. You get what you pay for. I kinda dug it but nowhere near as fun as the original.

Second on the agenda for the night was The Evil Dead.

I've seen this movie about 30 times and it always gets better even though might as well watch The Evil Dead Two: dead by dawn since that is a mix of a remake and added story elements like Ash getting cockier.
Still The Evil Dead is great. And even though I've seen it tons of times Bruce Campbell's chin always amazes me as how big it is. He has grown into it since then but its kind of shocking every first shot of him in the backseat of the car.
I love looking for the Hills Have Eyes poster in the basement of the cabin in an homage to Wes Craven, also look for a Freddy Krueger-eque glove in the shed in Evil Dead 2.

Not sure what will be on the view after work tomorrow.
Maybe Dance of the Dead or The Signal.