Sunday, January 9, 2011

Days like these...

Oh Sunday afternoons, how I have come to love you so.

It means the yet another buffer day before going back to the world of being a car janitor, plenty of time to relax, a day to spend with my lady faire even if I can be a little short when I have to leave the comfort of the apartment to run chores.
This sunday was aforementioned chore of grocery shopping. I hate shopping so I wanted to be in and out. I like to just grab n go when it comes to being in stores rather than going down ever single aisle.
But now is the golden time.
Back home, made myself lunch/dinner/ however long this accidentally blackened chicken lasts me til i'm hungry again.
Now I get to kick back on the couch listen to my records which have been neglected since moving back to Wisconsin but I've been giving them some T.L.C. since moving into this apartment.
"Beggar's Banquet" "Tim" and "As The Eternal Cowboy" wafting throughout the sun drenched living room. This is the type of thing that really makes being on the right side of two day weekend.

These are the times that I hope will stick in her mind when she looks back on her childhood. Its these types of days that I remember from mine, except it was my mom's copies of "Willie Nelson and Family Live" or "Moondance" on my dad's sophisticated stereo system while the smell of toast and eggs and coffee permiated the house. For her she will probably remember smelling soy sausage and seeing vitamin waters. I've made her very own playlist already but the Ipod will never come out on days like these. These are for vinyl only.
Warmer, more inviting, more tangable. No cold tiny fruit box spewing out slightly more sterile version of favorite ditties on days like these.
That tiny polished metal box is to get me through workdays or car rides to help me avoid the various morning zoos.
These types of sundays that I want to play on loop so the wrong side of my weekend, let alone the work week, never penetrates my mood.

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