Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday mornings

Spent New Years at home watching Hamlet 2 and most of Zombieland before Suzy got bored and tired and went to bed. I had half a beer. It was a riot lemme tell you.
Much much different than the previous New Years Ever when I spent the night with Boston, Jimmy and Anna at Grumpy's Downtown getting just blackout plastered but somehow the tab came out to only 15 dollars combined. Thank you Patty. We were so trashed that Boston dragged me( or I volunteered to go) to the CC CLub. I only remembered waking up in my bed but we were at the CC til closing.
So yea I huge difference.

Had some financial drama last week but things are settling out. Then my TV took a shit on me. Its at Best Buy getting fixed because my warranty just barely still covered it. I didn't think it had so I got a new one. Its bigger and was on sale. Once my old one is fixed I'm going to either sell it on craigslist or take it to Pawn America. One way or another I'll get some cash back so I don't feel so bad about buying a new one. Glad it was still the season of post christmas sales, it was a godsend. This will be my last large or even semi large purchase that isn't for Lucy or Lucy related. I feel bad enough that I bought something even sorta expensive even though it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would normally have been. Just slowly getting into dad mode. If i hadn't spent so much over the years of amassing a large multi media collection, I wouldn't have even bothered getting a new TV but it would such a waste not to.

Beyond that I'm still looking for a better paying job but thus far no dice. I'll find one eventually but just gotta be patient and diligent with looking. So I continue to clean the same cars every other day. I imagine that hell is sorta like that. You clean the hell out of a car then it goes out for rental then comes back an hour later trashed and you have to reclean it but you miss one small thing and get talked to about how you missed that one thing so the next time you make sure to clean that previous part and instead you miss something else. Day in, day out this continues. Thats pretty close to my work week. Not quite hell but I could see it being one of those punishments in the lesser circles of hell if it exists.

So with the end of the year there comes some looks back at decent parts of the year, I'll mention some of my favorite movies and albums. Both will be what I discovered this year, so it might have been released this year or I saw/listened to it this year.

Inception( it was good but its not on top because I liked it the best, its just an obvious mention)
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.
Daniel Tosh "completely serious" stand up.
Crank and Crank 2( i thought they would suck but didn't)
Predators( a totally worthy sequel that ignores all the aliens vs predator crap)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1 ( it was really really good, actually had me emotional when :SPOLIER: Dobby Died)
Machete ( perfect zeitgiest movie even being so awesomely over the top)
Legion ( in the tradition of great B movies)
The Expendables (thank Robert Rodriegez for the scene with Willis, AH-nold and Stallone. A fake grindhouse trailer was almost made with that premise)
Daybreakers( I hate vampire movies but loved this one)
Hot Tub Time Machine ( funny and it had a Crispin Glover cameo)
Exit Through The Gift Shop( just amazing)
Blood Into Wine( Maynard is hilarious)

I saw a bunch of crappy movies, awful movies but not many that fall under the "so bad its good" category.

Gaslight Anthem " American Slang"( some filler on it but overall pretty rad)
Kanye West "my dark twisted fantasy"( I'm still digesting it but I dig the ambition of it)
Ryan Adams and the Cardinals "III IV" ( really good)
Alkaline Trio " This Addiction" ( finally they are back to form after a couple lackluster releases)
Against Me! " White Crosses" ( I love the anti-anti abortion title track as well as the overall fact Tom Gabel is growing up and not just sticking to a formula just polished like what Anti-Flag did, P.S. anti flag hasn't releasd a listenable record since "Underground Network")
Jay-Z " THe Blueprint 3" ( pretty decent, its no Doomtree but I enjoy it)
Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel " Willie and the Wheel" ( just a great record all around)
The Arrivals "Volatile Molotov" ( if i didn't get any new D4 its the next best thing)
Atmosphere " To All My Friends, The Blood Makes The Blood Holy" ( dude its just good)
Dillinger Escape Plan " Operation Paralysis" ( technique and rad song structures, yes please)
Ryan Adams " Orion" ( a space themed metal album from Ryan Adams, DOUBLE YES PLEASE)

I didn't see alot but these were the gems:
The Melvins
Doomtree's stop in Madison

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