Thursday, February 24, 2011

International Wordage Blockade.

Major case of writer's block.
There are plenty of topics I could go on a rant about but I don't wanna start some big argument amongst the people I know or who read this. And I'm sick of all the tensions that have been building in this neck of the woods in the past week or week and a half.
I'm just trying to survive the random panic attacks and the fear of impending fatherhood. That latter is normal and I'm sure will pass and the former is also become somewhat normalcy not that I want it to be.
I'm trying to combat all this with keeping my mind busy with video games and rewatching the entire Lost series. To try and burn off extra nervous energy I'm lifting my one 20 pound weight and doing push ups. It helps slightly but anything to help is a plus.

Valentines Day was good. Getting out to go see Against Me! with Suzy was a good distraction as well.

I'm hoping that i'm done burning off some bad karma for right now and some blessings in disguise will emerge soon.
Until then I'm just gonna keep on pluggin along and do my best to manage and maintain to the best of my ability.
Thats all I got cuz i'm about to hit this writer's block wall again. I've got nothing sassy or witty to add to this. Check back some other time when I might have something more entertaining to read.

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