Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everything's comin up Milhouse...

Well, its been a while since I blogged on this as I've been busy setting up a new site that is geared towards entertainment and pop culture type stuff.
its if anyone is interested. I've been adding tons of stuff over the past few days. So check it out, tell me it sucks, tell me its killer, i don't care just share it with other people so I get my readership up. I know, I know, shameless plug, but thats what you gotta do sometimes I suppose.

In other news the baby shower was a pretty nice success and now we have to find time to sit down and write out proper thank yous so we can mail em out within the next week or so.
Started my job at PacSun and its pretty decent. The hours are short enough for shifts so I don't get overwhelmed.
I've been trying to get in to see a doctor for my stomach issues to satisfy Suzy bugging me that something is more wrong with my digestive system more than just the IBS. Its takin awhile to get an appointment. Eventually I'll get one. No worries.
Next thing on the agenda of life is baby-time. its fast approaching. I packed up the diaper bag, got the carseat base installed in my car, still gotta get it hooked up proper in Suzy's vehicle. If only the weather didn't go to total shit I'd do it this weekend. I'd prefer to wait til the warm sunny stuff returns to spend any extended amount of time outside. I had enough freezing my ass off while working at Avis for a good long while.
I spose that's about it at the moment. Nothing much else new that I can think of...
-baby shower
-new blog
-new job
yup. that sums it up for the time being. I've spent far too much time writing on my other blog to ramble any more on here.

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