Monday, June 20, 2011

Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day.

Is it sad that I actually want to see "The Green Lantern"? It looks pretty dumb but yet I still wanna see it. hmmm... as far as comic book geek-dom goes I am not that familiar with the Green Lantern's backstory or villains except for what I saw in the Justice League cartoon that played a few years back on TV. Plus Ryan Reynolds just looks ridiculous as a superhero. I could buy him as Deadpool because well, Deadpool is ridiculous on purpose but otherwise just doesn't seem like the type.
AND I even sorta want to watch the new Transformers! What the hell is wrong with me? My tastes in movies have really started changing. I am much more into watching mindless movies over cerebral films these days. I did watch and really enjoy The King's Speech but more often than not in the past year/ year and a half I've preferred Rambo or some terrible Michael Bay junk to indie flicks. Like right now I'm half watching XXX with Vin Diesel on netflix instant instead of a ton of other more interesting movies that are on my queue.
I feel kinda dirty. Ahhhhh well.
So today I'm spending the whole day with Lucia since Suzy is having her first day back to work. Right now she is napping in her little lamb side swing. The one that takes 4 fuckin D batteries to run which last maybe two weeks at most. I wonder if they make rechargeable D batteries? I should check and see. Would save me alot of money since its the easiest way to get Lucia to calm down or nap.
Suzy and Lucia got me a really nice pair of blueish, brownish, and black stone 3/4th plugs for my ears for Father's Day. The look pretty sharp when I put them in.
Still don't FEEL like a dad yet. I mean I have all the responsibilities but for some reason it's like I'm babysitting someone else kid for a really extended period of time. Maybe when she starts talking or walking and consciously comes to me is when it will finally sink in.
I dunno.
Go to the Dr. tomorrow to get looked at for my stomach. The only thing that sucks is that in the past two weeks I've gained 5 pounds from my new "head meds". Thats not bad in and of itself but I lost close to 30 pounds since this time last year from my stomach issues and anxiety and I don't want my SSDI claim to be ruined because a medicine made me gain weight when all the problems still exist. Hopefully the doc will see that I am dealing with some real problems and help me out. We'll see I guess.
I'm trying to adopt a new mantra to keep me in better spirits..."Any day above ground is a good day" it works I think. 

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