Thursday, June 16, 2011

Babies, Hostel, Work. What else do you expect.

Got some time during nighttime baby duty to do a catch up blog, well that and watch Hostel. Even though I'm not really watching Hostel as much as listening to it and glancing up at it from time to time.
Lucy is getting slightly easier to predict by the day. Her patterns of sleep and levels of grumpiness are much easier to anticipate. Though sometimes she throws a curveball at us, its not nearly as bad as the first few weeks.
I've been reading "Punk Rock Dad" by the former lead singer of Pennywise. It helps to read about the trials and tribulations of raising a daughter somewhat non-traditionally from a guy's point of view. Helps to relate a bit.
Suzy and Lucia(by proxy) got me a great pair of stone plugs for Father's day. Yeah its early but neither Suzy nor I can wait til the actual occasion to give presents. Both of us are gonna have to learn better how to when it comes to birthday and christmas presents for Lucia.
I've just been accepted to start writing for a music/movies/other random pop culture blog that is based out of the Twin Cities called Switchbladecomb. I'm kind of excited since I have been keeping tabs on it since they started a few years ago and two of the founding contributing writers I know. It means I'm going to shelf PodsOrgODS for a while but I'm fine with that right now since this has a larger readership so I feel like I'm actually writing for a real audience.
Thus far I've only done one post but I will slowly start adding more to this site as the days and weeks move ahead.
Work. Well work is getting stressful since my selling prowess seems to be in question as well as my status as assistant manager for the reason that I have to have somewhat of a set schedule now that Suzy is heading back to work and we want to avoid having to find a permanent babysitter for Lucia right now. If we had to find a full time babysitter my entire paycheck would have to paying for that so then it would bring up the question of "why work at all?" I could just watch her at home full time and have the same amount of money. My boss is trying to help by scheduling me around Suzy's work hours but we'll see how long that lasts. Otherwise I'll get busted down to "senior brand rep" which is less money but much much less responsibility and pressure so there are good and bad to that as well. More money is winning out at this point.
Plus it sucks cuz one of the brand reps that I really enjoyed working with got a job elsewhere and will be leave this week. Lamesauce.

I've finally got a Dr. appointment for my digestive ailments via Social Security Disability Insurance. Its more to deem my ailments worthy of compensation or to see if I'm fit as a fiddle and they can deny my claim. I am no where near fine and dandy and hopefully the Doc i see agrees. The sucky part is its in Beaver Dam which I've never been to and its at 8am. I am so absolutely not a morning person. I'll be so out of it and tired. But its worth it overall.

Hmmm... not sure what else is new. Just same ole' same ole', sitting around the house, watching movies, pulling night time baby duty, and working. I lead an absolutely exciting life. No wonder all I want to do is sleep all the time.

That seems to be the gist of my existence currently so...yeah... i'm done. 

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