Wednesday, June 22, 2011

There's a thunderstorm in your soul...

Happy Birthday Ash or I should clarify, Bruce Campbell. Thank you for so many awesome and even for the awesomely bad movies. In celebration I have added a "Evil Dead" movie poster that hangs right above Lucia's crib in hopes that she will come to appreciate him in all his large chinned glory as much as I do.

Looks like Suzy is coming down with something so I have to play SuperDad tonight and probably for the next couple of days til she starts feeling better. Gonna have to wake up hella early for a feeding after staying up late tonight. Then I am so privileged to work an eight hour shift though my job is far from hard, more monotonous than anything. Then come back to be Superdad, rock a morning shift at the mall then hopefully some rest.

I got Suzy to play me in some Mortal Kombat last night. It was actually alot of fun even though she lost a bunch but I bet after some practice she'll start kicking my ass.

I've been feeling mildly better as far as mood goes these days. I think its due to Lucia getting more personable and smiley and far far less cranky each day. That is a big help. Still get my panic fits pretty regularly but I'm living with em best I can do right now.
Saw the Dr. for a quick diagnosis for possible SSDI and I was totally surprised at the fact that so little was done at the appointment. It was a quick in and out visit that I don't think really even checked out what is wrong with me. It was much more akin to a sobriety test than to check to see how severe my digestion issues actually are. So who the hell knows with that.

I would really love to go for a ride on my bike or even to take my longboard out for a small amount of time. I hate being stuck in the house so much of time. It would be nice to take Lucy places more often but I feel so limited, I only can get through work because otherwise we'd have no place to live.
Ok, ok, enough pissing and moaning, even I can only take listening to myself complain for so long, everyone else must be absolutely sick of it. haha.

I am really looking forward to trying to, despite the anxiety and panic stuff, get up to MPLS to see everyone as well as get some tattoo work done by Miss Arson(Emily). I've seen her work progress and she has come along way from her work on my Mario tattoo which I love but needs touching up to the work she is doing now. Glad I got to be one of her guinea pigs. Can't wait to get some more done sooner rather than later.

The thunderstorms were pretty cool last night though I do love it when it is accompanied by much more lightning with the downpours. As long as it doesn't knock out power in my area I am more than happy to watch massive storms rumble through. Easily one of the best parts of summertime are the storms .

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