Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wanted: movie buddy.

I'm in need of a movie buddy. I've seen all my movies and watching them over again alone is really boring. Suzy works all day and when she comes home or is uninterested in watching any of the films I currently own.
I don't get out much since I'm in baby jail( baby watching in the apartment). I'd like to watch movies and talk about them to pass the time after the little one goes to bed. I find myself going to sleep at about 10pm even though I thoroughly love late nights but I'm so bored with playing video games or watching movies alone that I just give in and go to bed earlier than I normally would.
Its nice to get the extra sleep when I actually fall asleep soon after resigning myself to the bedroom but that doesn't happen so often. Mostly I go to bed and toss and turn for a few hours before having to get up and get Lucia back to sleep.
It would be nice to spend more of the darkness time enjoying it rather than settling to fall asleep out of sheer boredom.
I miss Monday movie nights for these reasons. I don't even need to drink while watching like we use to on movie nights back in MPLS. It would be really nice to have someone who shares my love of taking in films. I don't wanna force Suzy into sitting through movies she doesn't really give a rat's ass about. Plus she doesn't enjoy the fact that I like to talk about the movies I'm watching. In fact its probably one of the major reasons why she doesn't dig sitting through movie viewings with me.