Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Winter is fuckin finally over

Owwch my mouth.
Almost a month ago I got my wisdom teeth removed (finally) and my right side of my mouth jaw is still killing me. The left seems to be healing fine but anytime I eat or especially if I drink anything cold I get an immediate blinding headache. I'm wondering if maybe its got a big infection or my bone or nerves are exposed. I really have no clue but I should probably get it checked out sometimes soon.
Shit's been busy, work, packing up our current apartment to move into my sister-in-law's condo now that she has moved in with her soon to be husband.
This spring is fucking hectic. Moving, a family wedding, and finally my daughter is turning a year old in just over a month. I'm looking forward to summer being a bit more relaxing even though I need to plan us a trip to Des Moines to see some of my family.

Moving: I'm so excited to be getting out of our shitty apartment complex and slamming doors, yelling outside at 2am not to mention the lack of space. Lucy needs the space to roam around because confining her to the living room is not cutting it. Makes for a cranky baby. With the new apartment she'll be able to roam around and we won't be so cramped either. Plus we got a sectional couch and it is glorious. I've always wanted one and now I have one. If I ever get into a bad enough argument with Suzy that I have to sleep on the couch, it won't be that much of a punishment.

Wedding: Suzy's sister Robin is getting married in the beginning of May and I'm going to be one of the photographers, I'm the one who gets to photograph the bride getting ready. Thats gonna be weird.
The last wedding I was at I got shit-faced at the reception. Don't think that's gonna happen this time even though my mom is taking Lucy for the night. Then again I don't really get the opportunity to drink much anymore so maybe I will get a bit shitshow.

Daughter: April 27th she'll be one year old which is kinda just fucking mind boggling. The year has gone both fast and slow. Slow because that first few months where she was insanely crabby and screaming couldn't end fast enough for me. I'm surprised she even clings to me right now because I'm sure I was a pretty scary person for such a little kid, what with me having very little patience which I am learning to gain as the months go by. It takes time to know what the hell you are doing.
Fast because I can't barely remember her being so damn tiny. In my mind she's always been medium sized, except now she can jabber and crawl around at lightning speed. I just know in the next month or so she could be walking.
I'm sure I'm just a proud parent but I feel like she is pretty advanced for her age. I think she is hitting her milestones earlier and I can't help but think it's because she's gonna be very smart. I really hope so. She's gonna have her Mom-Mom's looks because she hardly looks like me but maybe she'll have the intelligence I had as a kid.
I'm still waiting til she starts to like the things that I do, right now she likes "The Office" theme song and some really poppy songs when I'm trying to get her to bounce to The Ramones and NoFx but it hasn't really paid off yet. She does love the Fraggle Rock song though which is kinda cute.
She says "Mom-Mom" but I've haven't gotten her to call me to "Poppa" or "Pop" yet. I get a "da-da" now and again. Wondering when she'll eventually pick up on my cursing and follow suit. That will be great to explain to the Grand-parents.
Suzy and I got into a discussion about exposing Lucia to religion while we were watching "Religulous" and Suzy said she wants her to go to church once in a while even though Suzy doesn't go. I asked her if she planned on taking her to Temple or a Mosque as well. She said she didn't think so because she didn't know much about them. That is my exact point for not exposing her to it until she asks about it, insomuch as by taking her only to church, which ever denomination she would go with, is teaching her that THAT religion is the right one because its the only one she gets the exposure to. I'd much rather focus on teaching her to be a good person and if she is curious about religion we can explain the various ones and maybe take her if she asks to go. I wanna find the best way to keep her mind open but not make her feel bad about being curious about a belief system that I don't subscribe to. It's gonna be a tough line to walk but such is as being a parent i suppose.
Oh so birthday party, which is going to be I believe the April 29th which is the day after D.J.'s bachelor party so all the husbands and boyfriends attending on my wife's side will be hurting a bit. We are gonna try and keep it somewhat healthy, cake obviously but also kabobs and some fruit. I am still pulling for vodka soaked gummi bears for the adults but I am thinking that won't happen.
I can only imagine what my daughter will get for her birthday because god knows we have a million stuffed animals and right now she only notices maybe two of them. I haven't even begun to think what we are going to get her. I don't wanna spoil her this early but I'd like to get her something fun that she will get use of for a long time. No clue what that will be for a one year old.

Work is keeping be busy, not really difficult just draining. I'm constantly tired by two p.m. and I don't know why. Maybe diet because I've been getting enough sleep for the most part as Lucia has had somewhat normal sleeping patterns. As long as we nebulize her. She had pneumonia a week or two ago and as much as she screams while she is being held to have her breathe in the stuff, it really makes her tired and sometimes she passes out in my arms which is adorable.
I also got some work done on my back tattoo and I'm super stoked about how it's turning out. I'm excited to see how it looks whenever I finally get it finished, which will probably be a long time from now.

I've been blown away by the second season of the Walking Dead, if anyone reads my PodsOrgODSblog would already know. I love streaming cable shows online. Its great.