Monday, April 9, 2012

You Damn Kids, Get Off My Lawn

I was talking with a co-worker last Friday and we were just discussing all the things we hate and I came to realize just how misanthropic I actually am.
So many things and ideals seem so stupid to me. I hate most traditions.
Most people bug the living shit outta me, I find so many people moronic, not that I'm all that great either.
I just don't buy into the petrified stupidity of popular culture and belief systems.  Sure I try to smile and shine it on mostly as to not get into confrontations which complaining and trashing others way of thought would surely bring.
Not worth it.
People will think dumb things whether I point out or not. All it does is save me the headache of injecting logic or reality to people who don't wanna accept it. Its like making someone breathe in a fart in a bag. Not pleasant much like having to deal with these mongoloids.

What brought on this rant? It started with talking about how much I hate "dubstep" which is some terrible new-ish trend creeping into the fringes of popular music.
I don't "get" it, I feel very old bitching about this new fangled genre of music but I think it's fucking retarded. Then I got on a tangent about how I don't understand techno, house, drum and bass etc... played anywhere outside of a club where you are drunk and the music is background as you try to get laid. Beyond that it's absolutely asinine.
I have begun to branch out in the pop music scene a bit and listen to Katy Perry for instance but it's much less about actually liking it as it has to do with I'm so sick of my typical music I listen to.  I've played my favorite bands to death and I need a break. These new pop acts are buffers allowing me to take some time to cleanse my palette so I can come back and enjoy my wheelhouse band again.
Speaking of music I don't like, Nine Inch Nails.
I admit that when I was in high school i listened to them along with alot of other shit-tastic radio metal bands. I use to find Nine Inch Nails innovative but now days it just sounds like someone trying to dial a phone set to a beat. I have a hard time calling it music anymore. I cannot figure out what I thought was so great about them.
I'm also way over mash-up remix songs from like Girl Talk or The Hood Internet.
Its just musical bukkake.
The listener gets hit in the face with like 5 songs all at once. It was kind of a cute novelty to begin with but now there are so many people making remixes that are meant to be ironic and it is just fucking awful and ridiculous at this point.
Then I was subjected to some entirely ass-tastic gener-rock. The type they play on WJJO, like Korn who sound like they have playing the same song since 1996. Their bassist has definitely been playing the exact same bass line forever. I doubt he knows how to play anything beyond the same one I've heard for over 10 years. This butt rock is utterly awful, there was one song where it was only the word suicide screamed ad nauseum over some generic drop tuned fuzz.
Who the fuck likes this shit? Why does anyone like this shit beyond the fact that it gets played on the radio? This type of music is bland and seems to appeal to those who think eyebrow rings and tongue piercings are still fashionable. Sorry they don't, they make you look like a massive tool, which you have already proved by listening to such horrible music in the first place.

I then went off on how I never could fathom the reason why people wasted money on installing sound systems into their vehicles where you heard nothing but ear shaking bass. If you can't hear the music what the fuck is the point. Buying a system that will quite possibly rattle your car apart is beyond idiotic.

Then I started thinking about politics and how much I can't stand any type of political movement either. I find this Occupy movement absolutely idiotic on a couple levels, one being that there doesn't seem to be any unified "statement". Some people are bitching about discrepancy between the rich and everyone else, but then there are others clinging to anti-war statements, anarchy ethos among others. Just shut up and gather under the same banner.
Secondly, who the fuck are these people who can just hang out in a shanty town for what like a year or so. Are these trust-fund activists or jobless fucks? Do some of them go work at Whole Foods at night and hang out making signs during the day in the shanty towns? I know some people just show up for the big rallies but a large number just hang out.
This isn't to say that I side with the rich, this country is absolutely fucked on so many levels what with how destructively divided we as a nation are, there is no such thing as common ground anymore. Not to mention we seem to be in the midst of what is basically an economic civil war. BUT my big problem is that you cannot in this day and age get anything accomplished by protesting/ being on the outside of "the system". Those in power be it liberal or conservative know how to marginalize any fringe way of thinking so in all honesty what the fuck is the point unless you plan of running for office yourself? I've been in the middle of protests in 2004 Republican National Convention. I saw the completely gigantic turn-out and they were united under one message and what the fuck happened? NOTHING! Not one goddamn thing succeeded. The war wasn't stopped, Gee W. was still re-elected, Wall St. got fat and ruined the economy.
So beyond voting nothing will be accomplished. People will continue to get riled up over social issues that will never revert but piss off each side so they become blind to how people are really getting fucked in the ass over. The 1960's taught the power structure just how to subvert any movement from affecting policy in any meaningful way.
Anyone who thinks any different is diluted.
"Fuck it Dude, let's go bowling".

Then there is the stupidity of different religions, which are obviously rooted in the exactly the same mythos which no one wants to acknowledge. BLAH BLAH BLAH, there is no fucking point in choosing one over another besides to make yourself feel superior over people who don't believe what you do. Not like there is anything except a fade to black anyway. I understand belief in something else to mitigate the fear of death but beyond that reason, I just don't fucking get why promote one version of "god" over any other. It's all bullshit posturing and I cannot support that.
I'm in no way saying I have any answers I just know people are far too concerned with the wrong questions.

I also hate cheeky morning local news where they joke around like these newcasters are friends or something, it comes across as forced and is sickening that early in the morning. Just give me the fucking news then shut the fuck up.

People who think remakes of older movies are great piss me off too. No one can be bothered to view the original and need tools like Zac Effron or Kristen Stewart to shit all over a story that was told much more effectively years ago. The worst are remakes of movies that are barely 10 years old. Why not fucking get off your lazy ass and watch a movie with an original story or plot instead of allowing fucktards like Michael Bay to remake classics. Even Tim Burton is guilty of turning a great movie like Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory into a pile of cat vomit on a raccoon carcass which was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I don't give a shit about much except for my wife and daughter. They are the only things I don't find patently ridiculous or exasperating. I like stupid things too, bad movies, pro wrestling, etc... but I am fully aware of how stupid they are. Putting up with dumb people is just exhausting.

I feel old.
Rant over for now

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