Saturday, June 23, 2012

My life with Netflix...

Damn Netflix! They got my hopes up with a high definition, blu ray quality version of Battle Royale but they didn't add the english subtitles. Usually they are good about that for foreign films.
I own the special edition of BR with subtitles but its standard def and the subtitles are really hard to read. Looks like I may have to splurge and get the blu ray version. It's such a great film with the premise of Japanese school kids are getting to out of control so they have a lottery as to which class is taken to a remote island with collars that can explode. They are given a bag that contains a weapon or something pretty useless as a pot lid. Last one alive wins. Yeah the general idea was ripped off to make an Americanized knock-off. But this one is so much more interesting. Some quite great acting, some cheesy but I love this movie.

 I'm watching it while Lucia and Suzy are napping. The few times I get absolute reign over the television besides when they both have turned in for the night. But my nighttime respites are most effectively used to play video games most often a wrestling game that i buy the new version of each fall. I should be tired of it but it keeps me relatively entertained.

This is my pretty tame life now. Work, couch, tv time, bed, repeat.
Except for weekend where I watch Lucia all day so she is up for a few hours then napping for two then again until bedtime for the night. Of course with a few feedings and a fair amount of diaper changes.
On weekends I spend the TV plays  either "Sesame Street" or more likely "Yo Gabba Gabba" through Netflix streaming but it's only the first two seasons and we've watched them so much that the songs are like ear worms that have burrowed into the deepest recesses of my brain and made a nice home in there.

No matter how many times we clean later that day it is torn apart with wooden letters, blocks, stuffed animals and cheerios. Its very defeating to spend the energy cleaning just to see it all shitty a little while later.

I see my bike sitting in the garage every now and then and I get the urge to ride but there isn't really anywhere to ride to. I mean I could just ride around town but not much to see in Sun Prairie. I remember when I wouldn't drive, i would walk around MPLS or ride everywhere. Felt more in shape back then. Even though I probably walk 4 or 5 miles a day around the warehouse, just isn't the same.
Eventually I will go riding again but not in the immediate future. Work wears me out so by the time I get off work I can only sprawl out on the couch and flip through Netflix Instant because I'm just that lazy. Hahaha

Life as a father and husband isn't terribly glamours but it has it's moments of greatness here and there that make it worth the effort. Like when Lucia laughs for no reason or when she starts wiggling to song whether it be the familiar songs on "Yo Gabba Gabba" or "The Office" theme song to kicking and rocking in rhythm to 7 Angels 7 Plagues( the latter made me very proud Papa). Her temper tantrums are slightly more tolerable when in the middle she babbles non-sense, which I find pretty damn hilarious.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 3 being socially inept

3 days.
3 days into this social... or i guess better put anti-social experiment and I cannot believe how difficult going cold turkey without Facebook actually is. I thought it wouldn't be that different but somehow it is.
Every time i open my computer up the first thing I do is look for the now erased bookmark for the site. Then I remember it isn't there anymore and set my focus to other websites of interest. Filling every spare minute with facebooking for years on end has taken a toll on how I view the internet.
I've noticed I've been a bit edgy, cranky even. I kind of blame that on lack of interaction with friends, because well, that was all the interaction with friends I got. Most of my friends are hundreds of miles away or have completely opposite schedules as me, or don't have the parental responsibilities so we never get to see each other. Shunning Facebook has really left me feeling like I'm stranded on an island. I feel like I don't know what to do with myself. I don't know what other activities to fill my time with. Video games have gotten tiresome, but I still play them more out of compulsion rather than enjoyment. TV shows feel like a worthless endeavor. I like watching movies, but watching them alone especially ones I have seen before takes the fun out of the movie going experience. Getting to enjoy the quirky, off-beat cinema that I love so much really only works when there is someone else around to talk/ make fun of said films.
I can ramble all day to myself about these movies but I'm not really one who talks simply for the enjoyment of hearing his own voice(contrary to how my blogging must make it seem).

I know I can get out of the house to do so activites but in complete honesty, I have no desire to do anything in the Madison area. The few things I would like to do would be showing them to my daughter alas she is too young for her to get excited about. It would be just another place and she wouldn't have any idea of its possible significance. I have still a few years of waiting til I can share my favorite places with her.
There are only so many times you can walk up and down State Street and I've walked a mudhole in that path. For most of Wisconsin, Madison is a pretty big town but I feel like I've done just about anything worth doing around here atleast twice.

As of right now we are pretty broke so any fancy road trips are out of the question. I know fun is what you make it and I've got to accept what I have and what my limitations are and find joy in the small corners of life here in Madison but it's tough for a cynical prick like me.

Can a damn website really cause this much malaise? In our age of non personal or face to face interactions truly it does. If you are so use to an activity such as this being so woven into the fabric of your everyday life and you cut that part out, it leaves a gapping abyss in how you relate to friends and family. Not that I am going to go crawling back to using said website atleast for the time being.
I feel that this is a transition period and I am going to figure out how to reroute those passages of keeping up with those I care about, it shall just take some time and patience to find those alternative means of staying connected.

As of now I am trying to keep from giving in to my most cynical, misanthropic urges and outlooks. I know I've got to stay on the positive side of things and I also do know that I am making a positive change in my life and accept that this will be a rocky transition.
Just so long as I don't drive those closest to me insane while I get readjusted to like sans Facebook.
I think I've always been a technophile so I feel like I'm going back to the stone age by chopping off the roots of my online social life and that can make me very antsy.

Self-intropection aside for a moment, today I did take in a noon showing of Prometheus and I really enjoyed it. I'd heard mixed reviews, some because they were expecting much more of a direct correlation to the Alien franchise and some because they thought there should be less. Without exposing myself to spoilers ahead of time I went in knowing a basic premise and little else and I got my moneys worth. This film does live in the Alien universe but doesn't allow itself to have that same cramped claustrophobic aesthetic of Ridley Scott's earlier work.
It hit at some really good points about who are we as a species and what got us to where we are. Prometheus did have its scares and special effects so it wasn't all esoteric ideas on human life. It brought up interesting questions that are left wide open so I'd assume to pick up the story again. It wasn't without some of those "why are you doing that" moments those were minimal. I will also say that some of the themes were a bit played up slightly too obvious and others more shrouded in mystery than was needed.
This film was very beautiful as far as cinematography goes. Really a beauty to take in. There is a scene though at the very end I felt was a bit tacked on to wrap itself further into the Alien mythos than was needed in this film, a sequel that will no doubt happen could have been used to do that with greater affect.
All in all I really did like Prometheus and I'd recommend it even if it was a bit uneven from the first two-thirds and the last act but I'm already looking forward to if/when the story continues.

I was very happy to get out of the house on my own with a purpose, helped to plug up the holes of boredom which is always  welcomed.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So long Facebook and thanks for all the fish...

 So this morning I pulled the plug on a nearly 9 year addiction named Facebook. I've been using it so often every day that I'm not sure how to use the internet without it.

Why did I shutdown my page? Honestly it's in the above opening statement. I used it EVERYDAY sometimes for hours other just in short spurts throughout the day. I felt it was monopolizing my time especially at home that I have been neglecting conversations with my wife and occasionally interactions with my daughter. And when anything gets to that level it's time to move on. It's nice to know that if I were to reopen my page it would be like I never left, kinda comforting, but I need to be steadfast in my resolution.
My Facebook page has had plenty of use in my life, to complain, to pontificate on various things in pop culture i found interesting as well as personal milestones. Not to mention an assload of photographic shenanigans. But I've gotten to where I didn't care about what people posted about, never looked at their links or things added to my site. Then the other day I was "de-friending" a bunch of people that I never talk to and have no interaction with in my daily life and it got me thinking that why do I even need the damn thing in the first place.

This got me reminiscing on all those milestones in so far as the very low dark spots and the extremely high, proud moments I spilled onto the interwebs over my tenure:

- using Facebook as an alternative to myspace(which i jettisoned years back)
- new love
-road trips
-getting my puppy Emmy Lou
- various movie theater related news( goofing around at the Desert Star and St Anthony Main etc.)
- leaving everyone to move up to Minneapolis
- being irreparably heartbroken (at the time I thought)-
- bellyaching about being alone and  in an unfamiliar city no less
- slowly finding my way around MPLS, meeting friends, favorite hangouts and such
- falling in love for a one hot minute on multiple occasions / whiskey fueled mistakes
- living on my own and finding ways to combat boredom and loneliness ( which consisted of...)
- crawling into a whiskey bottle for the better part of three years
- eventually meeting some amazing people through kickball, concerts, triple double tuesdays, bike riding, hidden beach adventures
- movie mondays that brought together quite a few of my friends for our drunken versions of Mystery Science Theater 3000
- taking up residency at the C.C. Club including celebrating two birthdays with my favorites people
- Many, many drunken status updates that we so embarrassing that I would have to delete them first thing I woke up nursing massive hangovers.
- The December I can't Remember with Anna during the Triple Rock's week long 10th anniversary celebration
- Club Club Crew
- getting to sing doublewhiskeycokenoice on stage in a heap of inebriated humanity
-  showing off pictures of various tattoos, halloween, glam parties, zombie pub crawls
-  making Minneapolis my home
- binges of Johnny Jump-ups
- being fired on the same day as my roommate the first week we were living together
- blackout drunk Rock Band jam sessions hours past bartime
- anxiety/ panic attacks
*(forgot this one first time) -World travels to Australia where I got to among other things hang out with real live koalas and wallabys.
- cyberstalking friends and enemies
- meeting my future wife through a friends facebook page
- documenting the burgeoning relationship with my wife.
- falling in love
-engagement announcements
- baby announcement
- baby arrival
- seeking baby advice
- sharing photos and status update of my daughter
- finally deciding to shit can my page.

I'm very certain there are many other milestones that I have forgotten for any number of reasons but the point I'm driving at is that Facebook actually helped me remember a great big chunk of those moments and helped me share them with my friends but I also believe that many it's oversharing and I need to live life with minimal use of the internet. Be more present with my family and let them be the reason I remember the good and bad things about life.