Saturday, June 23, 2012

My life with Netflix...

Damn Netflix! They got my hopes up with a high definition, blu ray quality version of Battle Royale but they didn't add the english subtitles. Usually they are good about that for foreign films.
I own the special edition of BR with subtitles but its standard def and the subtitles are really hard to read. Looks like I may have to splurge and get the blu ray version. It's such a great film with the premise of Japanese school kids are getting to out of control so they have a lottery as to which class is taken to a remote island with collars that can explode. They are given a bag that contains a weapon or something pretty useless as a pot lid. Last one alive wins. Yeah the general idea was ripped off to make an Americanized knock-off. But this one is so much more interesting. Some quite great acting, some cheesy but I love this movie.

 I'm watching it while Lucia and Suzy are napping. The few times I get absolute reign over the television besides when they both have turned in for the night. But my nighttime respites are most effectively used to play video games most often a wrestling game that i buy the new version of each fall. I should be tired of it but it keeps me relatively entertained.

This is my pretty tame life now. Work, couch, tv time, bed, repeat.
Except for weekend where I watch Lucia all day so she is up for a few hours then napping for two then again until bedtime for the night. Of course with a few feedings and a fair amount of diaper changes.
On weekends I spend the TV plays  either "Sesame Street" or more likely "Yo Gabba Gabba" through Netflix streaming but it's only the first two seasons and we've watched them so much that the songs are like ear worms that have burrowed into the deepest recesses of my brain and made a nice home in there.

No matter how many times we clean later that day it is torn apart with wooden letters, blocks, stuffed animals and cheerios. Its very defeating to spend the energy cleaning just to see it all shitty a little while later.

I see my bike sitting in the garage every now and then and I get the urge to ride but there isn't really anywhere to ride to. I mean I could just ride around town but not much to see in Sun Prairie. I remember when I wouldn't drive, i would walk around MPLS or ride everywhere. Felt more in shape back then. Even though I probably walk 4 or 5 miles a day around the warehouse, just isn't the same.
Eventually I will go riding again but not in the immediate future. Work wears me out so by the time I get off work I can only sprawl out on the couch and flip through Netflix Instant because I'm just that lazy. Hahaha

Life as a father and husband isn't terribly glamours but it has it's moments of greatness here and there that make it worth the effort. Like when Lucia laughs for no reason or when she starts wiggling to song whether it be the familiar songs on "Yo Gabba Gabba" or "The Office" theme song to kicking and rocking in rhythm to 7 Angels 7 Plagues( the latter made me very proud Papa). Her temper tantrums are slightly more tolerable when in the middle she babbles non-sense, which I find pretty damn hilarious.

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